Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

March 03, 2009 12:36 ET

Statement by Fabian Manning, Senator

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 3, 2009) - Senator Fabian Manning, Government of Canada, today made the following statement regarding the Canadian seal hunt:

Today in the Senate, Liberal Senator Mac Harb (Ottawa-Centre) is introducing misguided, ill-informed, and grossly irresponsible legislation in an attempt to effectively end the commercial seal hunt in Canada.

Our Conservative Government has spent significant time and resources defending the Canadian seal hunt which has come under attack in Europe. And now, it is under attack right here at home by the Liberal Party. Sealers need to know that Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff, and the Liberal Party want to ban the Canadian seal hunt.

The Liberal Party's actions are appalling and jeopardize the rights of our sealers to provide a livelihood for their families. Top Liberal advisor Warren Kinsella calls the hunt "appalling and more trouble than it is worth." Liberals are telling thousands of families who depend on this hunt to find a new way of life. The Liberal party has abandoned our sealers in the midst of an economic crisis at a time when they and their families need our support the most.

As we vigorously defend the hunt and continue to inform international discussions with factual material, one has to wonder if the EU saw the Liberal Party's motion before they voted yesterday. Canada's Conservative Government will continue to fight on the international stage for the rights of Canadian sealers to provide a livelihood for their families through our lawful, sustainable and humane hunt.

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