Calgary Parking Authority

Calgary Parking Authority

November 19, 2009 18:15 ET

Statement From Calgary Parking Authority Board of Directors Chair Mr. Larry Ryder

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 19, 2009) - Over the past few days there has been significant media coverage and comments from members of Calgary City Council about the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA). Members of the CPA Board of Directors (Board) felt it was important to respond to these comments and clear up several misconceptions.

Members of the CPA Board are appointed by Calgary City Council. All recommendations presented by the CPA Board for maximum rate increases must be approved by City Council. The Board directed CPA General Manager Mr. Dale Fraser to develop some suggestions on ways to increase CPA revenues. Mr. Fraser developed a list of proposals that included higher fines, extended hours of service and increased rates at the Calgary Impound Lot. Mr. Fraser was not asked to make recommendation on which of those measures he feels should be implemented.

The CPA Board approved all the measures suggested by Mr. Fraser and added its own recommendation that the provisions for higher fines and increased rates at the Impound Lot be phased in over two years to mitigate the impact on Calgarians. These suggestions were included in the CPA budget so members of City Council could decide which ones to accept and which ones to reject. Mr. Fraser and the Board worked to fulfill their mandates to make these options available to Council.

The CPA controls just 18 per cent of all the available paid parking stalls in Calgary, including both on and off-street parking. The CPA retains 35 per cent of its net income for land acquisition and to fund new capital initiatives. Sixty-five per cent goes directly to the City of Calgary's general revenue. The City receives 100 per cent of the revenue from enforcement.

The CPA Board wants to acknowledge the leadership of Mr. Fraser and commend him on his efforts to fulfill the mandate of the CPA and respond to the direction provided to him by the Board.

All media inquiries should be directed to Dale Fraser.

Larry Ryder
Calgary Parking Authority

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