Online Party of Canada - PACT Party for Accountability Competency and Transparency

Online Party of Canada - PACT Party for Accountability Competency and Transparency

March 26, 2015 07:00 ET

Statement From PACT on Middle East War vs. Economy

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 26, 2015) - The following is a statement from PACT - Party for the Accountability Competency and Transparency, Canada's newest federally registered political party, in regards to the upcoming General Elections.

In the upcoming General Elections Canadians have a clear choice to make: to continue the politics of waging a war in the Middle East lead by the Conservative Party facilitated by a weak opposition from the Liberals and NDP (Toronto Star), or to bring our troops home and mind Canada's internal issues.

Do Canadian voters notice that there's always money for Wars no matter who's in charge (Liberals, Conservatives) but there's never enough money for issues such as free education, including post-secondary, free healthcare, infrastructure maintenance and repairs, and fighting poverty.

PACT Members have expressed concerns in various website posts that Canada's Infrastructure is crumbling, cities and towns have no money to maintain their roads, pipes, facilities and address traffic gridlocks. They believe Canada is moving away from the Universal Healthcare principles with systemic problems, lack of funding, shortage of doctors and nurses, decaying facilities and more drugs and treatments out of coverage. As we see on TV more and more often, Teachers and Students take to the streets to voice out their frustration with the perpetual lack of funding. And the list of funding shortcomings goes on and on.

PACT Members discussed how Canada's national debt is growing fast and so does the debt of most provinces, towns or cities. The personal debt of average Canadians has reached alarming proportions. The Canadian economy has become dependent on natural resources, especially oil, and our economy is hit hard when OPEC plays oversupply games. Meanwhile, the Canadian Government is waging an unprovoked, illegal war in the Middle East, with no clear objective, spending enormous resources - human and treasury - which comes after many years of misguided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where many members of the military have died, and hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted to absolutely no benefit.

"The dangerous actions of our Government is unnecessarily putting Canadians at risk, at home and abroad. The people we're fighting are not a direct threat to Canada alone; They are a threat to the civilized world and the civilized world has to defend through the international organizations such as United Nations, which we should support. Canada has no international legal basis to bomb Syria, and these people we're bombing might soon seek revenge. It is not a matter of if, but when, will they strike us right here at home in retaliation for our aggressions, that aside from the death toll on our military" said Michael Nicula, founder of PACT.

PACT has asked Canadians if they agree to send troops to Iraq. The response received in votes and comments is clearly showing opposition to the government's war stance. PACT members support the United Nations as the only legitimate representative of the global community that should be properly funded, armed and given the task of fighting the wars under a neutral flag.

"We believe that Canada's military should not engage in invading, occupying other nations' territories, killing foreign nationals with or without the mandate of the United Nations. PACT wants to reduce the military budget to what is necessary for strictly defensive purposes. We should be able to protect our borders and to discourage any threats. Our efforts to fight the global threats should be channeled exclusively through the United Nations. We should use the budget our government is currently using to wage wars to fund our country's education, healthcare, infrastructure, fight against poverty and so many other good causes," continued Mr. Nicula.

"You may or may not agree with our current Anti-War stance. But unlike a traditional party, PACT allows every Canadian voter to comment and vote directly on each and every issue! Your voice will be heard and your vote will be counted in real-time, publicly listed for you (and only you) to see. It's hard to imagine that any voter will ever agree with every policy, stance, position of a political party, however, it is important for everyone to be able to express disagreement even with those who they end up electing to public office" concluded Mr. Nicula, inviting voters to the Participatory Democracy - PACT.

Over the next few days PACT will be presenting PACT for CANADA - the political platform, which includes 40+ Issues that any Canadian voter to vote and comment upon. PACT is a non-partisan, equal-opportunity organization, welcoming every voter regardless of political views or affiliation.

PACT (Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency) is Canada's newest federally registered political party, offering Canadians unprecedented access to government using Online Voting to assess public support for various policies of national interest. PACT members believe that such grave and consequential issues such as taking our country to war should be subject to a national debate, not the privilege of a few politicians, subject to the lobby of the military industry, to decide upon. Technology allows the collection of millions of votes instantly, bringing more Accountability and Transparency to the political process.

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