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Hamilton Howell Bain & Gould

March 23, 2015 20:44 ET

Statement of Basia Ruta

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - March 23, 2015) - "Today I was removed from my position as Auditor General for Local Government. The removal occurred after I expressed my desire for a review of the office that was in compliance with the Act and which preserved the independence of the office. I understand the minister has told the media that I obstructed a review of the office from taking place. Insisting on compliance with the Act is not obstruction. I proposed two alternatives to allow a review of the office to take place including calling upon the Auditor General for British Columbia. Neither the minister nor the audit council chose to work collaboratively in a manner that preserved the independence of the office or in a manner that complied with the Act.

There is, quite simply, no power in the legislation to allow the audit council to appoint a third party to conduct a review. There is also no power in the Act to allow the AGLG to disclose information or records to a third party appointed by the audit council. The proposed review would have required me to breach the statute.

The manner of removing me from office occurred without adherence to basic principles of procedural fairness. I will be seeking judicial review of the decision and all future statements will be made through the legal process.

Basia Ruta"

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