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March 31, 2015 16:59 ET

Statement on Behalf of Peter Zahakos, CEO Co-Op Cabs, Related to Uber Charges

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 31, 2015) - The following statement is being release on behalf of Peter Zahahos, CEO of CO-OP Cabs, related to Uber Charges.

"We are pleased to see that Uber is finally going to have to address questions for its conduct. It is a testament to the fact that they have been operating illegally and placing the public in danger with every trip. All 11 people were charged in a single weekend, between March 7 and 9, by a single officer from Toronto Police's 12 Division in the city's northwest. Together, the drivers face at least 22 charges. The penalty for picking up passengers without an appropriate licence is a fine ranging from $200 to $20,000.

"These charges also serve as a reminder of the rules and regulations that all bona fide taxi cabs must follow to protect customers in the City of Toronto. If Uber wants to operate here, it must follow and recognize the rules that were put in place with the public's safety in mind. Uber is a taxicab- Not a technology company. They recruit drivers, market for passengers, dispatch drivers for pick up and charge passengers. The use of apps does not place them in a class by themselves.

"As evidenced by these charges laid by the Toronto Police, Uber cannot continue to avoid vital standards of public safety, cost, service and insurance protections."

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Our distinctive red and yellow cabs have been navigating the streets of Toronto since 1956. Co-op cab drivers are proud owners of their own vehicles. Being small business owners motivates our drivers to provide the highest level of customer service and safety. We provide over 45,000 trips every month to customers with special needs. Our dedicated members have taken a special training in order to provide accessible transportation for people of all abilities across the Greater Toronto Area.

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