Canadian Space Agency

Canadian Space Agency

November 20, 2013 11:19 ET

Statement by the President of the Canadian Space Agency on the 15th Anniversary of the International Space Station

LONGUEUIL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Nov. 20, 2013) - Canadian Space Agency President General (Retired) Walter Natynczyk today issued the following statement on the 15th anniversary of the International Space Station:

"Fifteen years ago today, Canada became one of the five partners in the most complex scientific and technological endeavours ever undertaken-the International Space Station. The launch of the first element of the space station-a Russian module appropriately named "Zarya," or "dawn"- on November 20, 1998 marked the beginning of a new international collaboration that demonstrates daily how countries can work together to achieve peaceful objectives.

The cutting-edge science conducted aboard this unique orbiting science lab touches a variety of fields of research vital to life on Earth: ageing, cardiology, neurology, materials science, and learning the effects of radiation on the human body. Canadian ingenuity literally built the space station with Canadarm2. Our talented engineers developed cutting-edge technology critical to the station's daily operations.

Today, Dextre, the station's resident robotic "handyman" conducts routine maintenance jobs that frees up crew time for science. Canadian astronauts have travelled to, worked on and commanded the orbiting laboratory in eight separate missions. And countless future Canadian space scientists and engineers-and the next-generation of Canadian astronauts-have been inspired by seeing our country's achievements.

On behalf of the Canadian Space Agency, I congratulate all the women and men around the globe that are part of this monumental accomplishment for our collective future."

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