Shield Service Group Plc

November 24, 2010 02:00 ET

Statement re change in directors shareholding



Shield  Service  Group  Plc  (the "Company") wishes to announce that in order to  satisfy  demand  for  the
Company's  shares  and allow an orderly market to exist there has been a sale of shares  by  a  substantial

The  Company  was notified on 22 November 2010 about the sale of 930 shares, for GBP 0.265  per  share,  by
Arcalis Investments Limited.

Arcalis  Investments Limited, a company wholly owned by KFS Nominees Limited, is a company incorporated  in
the  British  Virgin Islands which holds the shares in Arcalis Investments Limited on  trust  for  the  TRP
Settlement,  a trust established under the laws of the British Virgin Islands and of which Robin  Pritchard
is a beneficiary.

As a result of the sale Robin Pritchard is the beneficial holder of 7,228,882 shares representing 93.76% of
the issued share capital of the company.

In  accordance with sections 252 and 254 of the 2006 Act, the number of Ordinary Shares shown  as  held  by
Robin  Pritchard  comprises:  (1) 6,528,422 Ordinary Shares held by Arcalis Investments  Limited;  and  (2)
700,460 Ordinary Shares held by Juliana Izquierdo Serrano.

24 November 2010


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The Directors accept responsibility for this announcement.

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