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July 14, 2010 11:37 ET

Statement re Interim Results and Beneficial Shareholdings

                                                  Cantina Augusto plc
                                             ("Cantina" or "the Company")
                                               Interim Financial Results
                                          for the period ended 31 March 2010
                                          Notice of beneficial shareholdings
                                           Correction of Total voting rights

The Company today announces its results for the period ending 31 March 2010

Review of activities
The last six months have provided continued difficult trading conditions for the restaurants.

Cantina - As reported with the annual results steps have been taken to reduce costs with the closure of Cantina Augusto
(Clerkenwell  Road) Limited and the transfer of trading to Cantina. The trading at the restaurant at  Clerkenwell  Road
has  held up reasonably well and is much in line with the comparable period in 2009 due to its long standing reputation
in the locality.

Pucci  Pizza  -  Cantina acquired Fast Consultants Limited trading as Pucci Pizza in August 2009. Prior to  acquisition
Pucci  Pizza had been closed for some months and it has taken longer than expected to reopen and revive the  reputation
which the restaurant previously enjoyed. Further to this the renewal grant of the alcohol licence has taken longer than
expected  and an application currently sits with Kensington and Chelsea Licensing Committee which will be decided  upon
14th  July. The Board will update the market following the decision. However the location is regarded as excellent  and
your Board remain optimistic as to the future.

Financial Overview
The  results for the six months reflect the trading revenues of the two restaurants together with the further  expenses
incurred  acquiring Pucci Pizza. The loss before tax for the period amounted to £151,000 largely due to losses incurred
by  Pucci Pizza, and the costs applicable to maintaining a PLUS Markets traded company. The profits after tax  for  the
period, of £31,000, is after recognition of certain deferred tax charges. The Board has taken the decision to recognise
these charges at this time, in anticipation of profits being potentially delivered in the future from the Company's two
operational assets.

During  the  period  reported  the Company also raised a further £10,000 by way of a private  placing  of  500,000  new
ordinary shares in February 2010 at 2p per share, the beneficial owner of these shares being Terrence Shand.

Post Balance Sheet Events
Since  the March 2010 interim period ended the Company has raised over £50,000 by way of loans and share issues monies.
The Company has undertaken a number of private placings as announced on 28th June 2010 raising £35,000 of new equity

Further to this the Directors of the Company have made short term unsecured loans totalling £31,000 to the Company.

In these current challenging times, the Board is mindful that its current restaurants need to increase revenue. In this
regard the Board is exploring various marketing ideas, particularly to increase awareness of the Pucci Pizza brand. The
Board's strategy of identifying suitable expansion opportunities continues.

M R Nash
June 2010
                                      UNAUDITED INTERIM FINANCIAL INFORMATION OF
                                                  CANTINA AUGUSTO PLC
                                          FOR THE PERIOD ENDED 31 MARCH 2010

                                                            Period ended          Period ended             Year ended
                                                                31 March              31 March           30 September
                                                                    2010                  2009                   2009
                                                             (unaudited)           (unaudited)              (audited)
                                                                   £'000                 £'000                  £'000
Turnover                                                             248                   177                    441

Cost of Sales                                                      (233)                 (146)                  (257)
Gross (Loss)/Profit                                                   15                    31                    184

Administrative expenses                                            (164)                 (130)                  (274)

(Loss) from operating activities before impairment                 (149)                  (99)                   (90)
of goodwill                                                                                   

Impairment of goodwill                                                 -                     -                  (218)
Interest payable and similar charges                                 (2)                   (5)                    (3)

Interest receivable and similar charges                                -                     -                      -
(Loss) on ordinary activities before taxation                      (151)                 (104)                  (311)
Taxation                                                             182                     -                      -

Retained profit/(loss) for the period                                 31                 (104)                  (311)

Earnings per share                                                                                                   
Basic and fully diluted                                            0.14p               (0.82)p                (2.23)p

All results derive from continuing operations of the Group.

There are no recognised gains or losses other than the loss for the period.

                                      UNAUDITED INTERIM FINANCIAL INFORMATION OF
                                                  CANTINA AUGUSTO PLC
                                          FOR THE PERIOD ENDED 31 MARCH 2010

Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheet
as at 31 March 2010

                                                     Six months      Six months    Year Ended
                                                       Ended 31        Ended 31            30
                                                     March 2010      March 2009     September
                                                    (Unaudited)     (Unaudited)     (Audited)
                                                          £'000           £'000         £'000
Fixed Assets                                                                                 
Intangible fixed assets                                     105             228           108
Fixed assets                                                 24              44            42
                                                            129             272           150
Current Assets                                                                               
Stock                                                         -               8             9
Debtors                                                     230             132            83
Investments                                                  15               -            15
Cash at bank                                                  8               -            22
                                                            253             140           129
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year            (214)           (224)         (149)

Current assets less current liabilities                      39            (84)          (20)
Total assets less total liabilities                         168             188           130
Creditors: amounts falling due after  more  than           (68)            (80)          (61)
one year

Total assets less total liabilities                         100             108            69
Capital and Reserves                                                                         
Share Capital                                               173             100           173
Share premium account                                       394             273           394
Profit and loss account                                   (467)           (265)         (498)
                                                            100             108            69
Interim Financial Information
The  unaudited interim financial information, which is the responsibility of the directors and was approved by them  on
30  June  2010,  does not constitute statutory accounts which the meaning of Sections 434 and 435 of the Companies  Act


Notice of Beneficial Shareholdings and Correction of total voting rights

Further  to  the  above  interim  results the Board set out below the beneficial shareholdings  of  the  Directors  and
shareholders over 3% in light of recent placings. The total number of shares in issue to which voting rights apply  are

The Directors holdings are as set out below:

Directors                                           No. of ordinary shares held      Percentage total held (%)

Michael Nash                                                    500,000                       1.98
Adriano Bernabei*                                               900,000                       3.56    
Patrick Meehan                                                  250,000                       0.99  
Peter Parkinson                                               1,445,312                       5.72  

Total                                                         3,095,312                      12.25

* Adriano  Bernabei has a legal and beneficial holding of 500,000 Ordinary Shares. 400,000   Ordinary
Shares are legally and beneficially owned by Augusto Bernabei.                                                 

Parties who hold over 3% of the Company's enlarged issued share capital:

Name                                            No. of ordinary shares held       Percentage total held (%)


Acme International Investments limited                        1,000,000                       3.96            
Fitel Nominees Limited                                        1,327,625                       5.26
Guiseppe Albanese                                             2,500,000                       9.90
Mountbatten Investments Limited                               2,000,000                       7.92         
Mr Jon Pither                                                 1,195,313                       4.73
Redmayne (Nominees) Limited                                   1,885,000                       7.47       
TD Waterhouse Nominees (Europe) Limited                       1,700,000                       6.73                 
John Green*                                                     905,000                       3.58
Worship Street Investments Limited                            1,750,000                       6.92        
Datmix Investments Limited                                    2,500,000                       9.90

*John  Green,  holds 5000 ordinary shares or 0.02% of the ordinary share capital of  the  Company  and controls  C  F  Secretaries Limited, which provides services to the Company and  which  holds  500,000 shares  or  1.98% of the ordinary share capital of the Company. In addition, John Green also  controls Listbasis Limited, a company which holds 150,000 shares or 0.59% of the ordinary share capital and  his wife,Anne Vivienne Green, also holds 250,000 shares or 0.99% of the ordinary share capital.

The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.



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