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June 07, 2016 03:00 ET

Statement re launch of Nixer, a Machine-learning driven Application DDoS protection service

Release 16/007                                                                                7th June 2016
                                               PRESS RELEASE

    Crossword announces launch of Nixer, a Machine-learning driven Application DDoS protection service
Crossword Cybersecurity Plc ("Crossword", ISDX:CCS) the technology commercialisation company focusing
exclusively on cyber security, will today launch Nixer 1.0 at the InfoSecurity show at Kensington Olympia.
Nixer is a Machine-learning driven Application DDoS protection service and is available for Industry
Partners to build into their own cyber security solutions.

Application-level (Layer 7) DDoS attacks now make up around 14% of all DDoS attacks - a steadily growing
global problem. These sophisticated attacks are aimed at the application level, that is, the web site
itself rather than being the traditional DDoS volumetric attempts to overwhelm the network.

Application DDoS attacks are hidden in normal web traffic, and are very difficult to distinguish
automatically from legitimate web site use. Standard filtering methods often fail to address this rapidly
emerging problem. Nixer complements and enhances traditional network level DDoS solutions.

Nixer is a next generation DoS protection platform focused exclusively on protecting the web layer of
critical online services. Using machine learning techniques designed by prize winning cyber security
researchers, and highly scalable architecture, Nixer blends innovative research from UK universities with
cutting edge technology. Deployed via virtual appliance, physical server or private/public cloud, Nixer
provides an extremely fast, highly resilient and easy to deploy solution for application-layer (layer 7)
DDoS protection.

Tom Ilube, Crossword's CEO said "As attackers evolve from simple, large scale DDoS to sophisticated
application attacks, responses need to adapt to tackle this growing problem. Nixer directly addresses this
challenge and is Crossword's second successful cyber security product derived from University research. It
shows that our technology commercialisation model is bearing fruit".

Industry Partners

Crossword is now seeking Industry Partners with complex or critical Application-layer DoS/DDoS problems.
Crossword will provide full engineering and implementation support to work with the Partner to achieve
their technical and commercial goals and enable the Partner to enhance their cyber security portfolio by
offering this advanced DDoS solution to their own clients.

To find out more visit or you can also see Nixer being shown at
stand T80 as part of the InfoSecurity show at Olympia from today 7th June.


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