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June 26, 2008 02:00 ET

Statement re placing, name change and AIM listing

News Release                                                                           26th June, 2008
                                                ANTNANO PLC
                                              (PLUS Company)
                     Result of Private Placing/Exercise of Warrants and Share Options/
                             Change of Name/Change to AIM Admission Timetable
                Raises £316,000 and Offer for further £300,000/Name Change to ANTnano plc/
                                         AIM Admission Re-Arranged

Antnano  Plc  ("ANTnano",  or  "the Company"), the developer of equipment for  detecting  biochemicals  and
chemicals  with  applications in the industrial hygiene, medical and homeland security  sectors,  announces
that it has raised £316,161.80 via a Private Placing, has a letter of intent from a Singapore based venture
fund to invest a further £300,000, has changed its name to ANTnano, and has re-arranged its AIM Admission.

Private Placing
ANTnano  has  just  completed a Private Placing, started on 1 February, 2008, and has  raised  £316,161.80,
placing a total of 1,470,520 ordinary shares at 21.5p per share.

AntNano  has  received a letter of intent from a Singapore fund to invest a further £300,000  for  ordinary
shares at the mid market price less 5% as quoted on PLUS markets at completion.

Exercise of Warrants and Share Options
Four  ANTnano  Directors  have  agreed to increase their share holdings by exercising  warrants  and  share

Directors  Dr Allan Syms, Chief Executive Officer, and Alec Craig, Non-Executive Director, the  holders  of
warrants  to subscribe for new Ordinary shares, have agreed to exercise their 0.01p warrants in respect  of
440,000 new Ordinary shares each, a total of 880,000 new shares, realising £8,800 for the Company.

Directors Joe Arend, Non-Executive Chairman; Dr Syms, Chief Executive Officer; Professor Fred Rowell, Chief
Scientific Officer; and, Alec Craig, Non-Executive Director, have agreed to exercise share options,  at  an
exercise  price of 0.043515p each, as below, totalling 3,021,624 shares and realising £131,485.97  for  the

             Director                   Number of Ordinary Shares                      Value
Joe Arend                                       1,387,706                            £60,386.00
Dr Allan Syms                                    126,393                             £5,499.97
Professor Fred Rowell                           1,378,834                            £60,000.00
Alec Craig                                       128,691                             £5,600.00

Prior to the exercise of these warrants and options and subsequent to the placing, the shareholdings of the
directors  has not changed, with them now holding 39.6% of the total issued share capital of  the  Company.
This  includes 130,601 shares issued to Freddy Boey at par in recognition of his appointment to  the  board
and work carried out to date.

The Company now has 28,131,826 shares in issue.

Change of Name
Analytical  NanoTechnologies (UK) Plc has changed its name to ANTnano plc, reflecting the Company's  change
from a pure research and development business, to one which also has an established and growing sales base.

The name change was officially approved by the Company's shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

AIM Admission
Given  the current market conditions and the success of its Private Placing, the ANTnano Board has  decided
to  re-arrange  the AIM Admission and the Board feels that an Admission now, would not do  justice  to  the
Company's future potential.

Dr Allan Syms, Chief Executive Officer, said:
"We are delighted to have raised £316,161 with a further £300, 000 investment planned from a Singapore fund
in  this  market and it shows the support we have from our investors, both existing and new ones, and  from
our  Board,  for our future plans. The proceeds are to be used to support the launch of our new  dip  strip
product  range for rapid and cost effective enzyme analysis within the workplace. The new kit  will  reduce
the  need  for  costly  and lengthy laboratory analysis of industrial enzymes which pose  health  risks  to
employees  working  in  the  detergent, brewing, bakeries and biotechnology industries.  In  addition,  the
company  intends  to  use the proceeds to expand its activities in selling its proprietary  real  time  and
static air sampling equipment and consumables..

  "Regarding  the  name  change,  we have been using the abbreviated form of  Analytical  NanoTechnologies,
"ANTnano", for some time now and that is how people now know us, so choosing a new name was not difficult.

"The  Company still intends to seek an AIM Admission, but not at all costs. We are more than happy to  wait
for a less turbulent time in the markets, which will do full justice to the future we are creating."

ANTnano is based in Sedgefield, U.K., and Singapore.


Allan Syms, CEO, ANTnano, on 01740 625283
Jon Isaacs, Alfred Henry Corporate Finance, on 020 7309 2222
Oliver de Giorgio-Miller, W H Ireland Corporate Finance, on 0161 8322174
Neil Camp, Ronin Communications, on 01944 759222
    Issued by: Analytical NanoTechnologies (UK) Plc, Thomas Wright Way, Netpark, Sedgefield, TS21 3FD.

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