June 14, 2012 05:00 ET

The Staycation is Going to Be Biggest Since the Recession Began With the UK Tourism Industry Set to Benefit by a Record GBP 8.7 billion

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 14, 2012) - In spite of 2012 being a tough year for many Britons, the one thing they are refusing to give up; is their summer holiday according to Travelodge's annual holiday index out today.

The budget hotel chain surveyed 5,000 British adults to investigate their summer holiday intentions and discovered that 41% of Britons are holidaying at home this year (up 6% on last year) with the average week's holiday costing £433.47 (Up £10.78 on last year). This investment is set to benefit the UK tourism industry by £8.7bn (Up £1.5bn on last year).

The travel report also revealed that 48% of Britons will be taking four domestic breaks this year. (Up on the average of three breaks taken last year). The top three summer Staycation destinations for 2012 are: Cornwall, Edinburgh (Jumping to second position from fifth position from last year) and the Lake District.

Listed below are the top ten Staycation destinations for 2012 and 2011:
2012 Destinations 2011 Destinations
1 Cornwall 1 Cornwall
2 Edinburgh 2 Lake District
3 Lake District 3 Devon
4 London 4 London
5 Scottish Highlands 5 Edinburgh
6 Devon 6 Scottish Highlands
7 North Wales 7 Wales
8 Glasgow 8 Blackpool
9 Yorkshire Dales 9 Great Yarmouth
10 Blackpool 10 Scarborough

The annual holiday index also revealed that a third of adults are reliving their childhood and taking a traditional British seaside holiday this summer. Whilst 30% of Britons are taking a UK city break and a quarter of Britons are planning to explore the British countryside. Just one in ten Britons are taking a thrill seeking theme park holiday.

Nearly half of British adults (49%) have waited until now to book their summer break due to financial budget constraints. Sixty five per cent of Britons have had to make major sacrifices to their household budget; in order to afford a holiday this year. Some of the financial cutbacks have included:

  • Not going out for a meal or drinks with family and friends
  • Buying cheaper groceries and cuts of meal
  • Not buying new clothes
  • Not buying a present on a special occasion for their partner

Around a fifth of Britons have relied on selling goods on eBay to cover the cost of their holiday this year.

Grant Hearn, Travelodge, Chief Executive said: "It's fantastic news that the Staycation is going to be bigger than ever this year despite British household budgets being attacked by a second recession. Our research highlights even in difficult financial times, Britons will make the necessary sacrifices in order to have a summer break. I guess everyone needs something to look forward to during these difficult times."

"2012 is such a momentous year for British tourism and it's a great bonus that the economy will be further boosted by £8.7 billion due to more Britons holidaying at home this summer".

Further findings from the report revealed that over a third of British families (36%) are breaking up their traditional one week Staycation holiday into three shorter breaks, at different locations this year; so that their children will think they have gone on lots of holidays.

A third of Britons are using their Staycation break to catch up with family and friends. One in ten Britons reported that taking a UK weekend break with friends was cheaper than a night out at home, whilst a quarter of couples surveyed stated they are taking more UK short breaks, so that they can spend quality time together.

Findings also revealed that 72% of Britons will travel to their Staycation break by car. Just 12% will go by train, whilst four per cent will choose to travel by coach and six per cent will opt for air travel.

About Travelodge:

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