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FT Pipeline Systems

June 20, 2011 08:01 ET

Steel Pipes Best for Hydroelectricity Schemes Says FT Pipeline Systems

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 20, 2011) - FT Pipeline Systems has advised that the use of steel water pipes is essential for those planning the creation of a renewable energy scheme, such as hydroelectricity.

In recent months, FT Pipeline Systems has noticed an increase in the number of renewable energy projects gaining funding, with several of these being hydroelectric schemes. Given the nature of these systems, pipelines are an essential element, with steel pipes often being the ideal piping of choice for such projects. With the growing requirement to ensure projects are as environmentally friendly as possible, FT Pipeline Systems has indicated that it is essential to use the right materials to ensure a project will see long-term sustainability and a lower risk of problems in the future.

FT Pipeline Systems believes there are several reasons why customers should look towards steel pipes for hydroelectricity schemes. Given the demands and strain likely to be put on these pipe systems, FT Pipeline Systems can provide an extensive range of steel grades and pipe wall thicknesses to suit the different demands that would be put on a specific system. Further to this, welded joints provide a fully locked system thereby removing the need for thrust blocks, and FT Pipeline Systems will also provide a range of pipe fittings to match the site requirements.

Duncan Frazer, managing director of FT Pipeline Systems, said: "We believe the most suitable type of piping for new hydroelectricity systems is steel pipes. Hydroelectricity developments are likely to require a large amount of differing pipelines and accessories, and we believe steel pipes are the most reliable and environmentally sound pipes available."

FT Pipeline Systems provides a range of different steel pipe measurements and specifications, ensuring it can meet the needs of its clients for whatever pipeline system they're looking to construct - whether for different forms of piping, or pipe accessories such as pipe lining and adaptors.

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