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Stellar Pacific Ventures Inc.

September 13, 2011 11:55 ET

Stellar Pacific Ventures Inc. Begins $3M Work Program on the SOLOTOMO Discovery, Guinea West Africa

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2011) - Stellar Pacific Ventures Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SPX)("Stellar" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the beginning of a $3.0M work program on the SOLOTOMO discovery of the Balandougou Project in Guinea, West Africa.

The program consists of some mechanical trenching across zones B-1 and B-2 and also across north and south extensions of the Solotomo pit. The trenching program will be followed up with 10,000 metres of RC drilling and 3,000 metres of core drilling to confirm vertical extension at depth of the gold structures. Some detailed geochemistry will also be done to cover other gold occurrences sampled during initial reconnaissance of the property.

As previously disclosed, Stellar has outlined three extensive gold zones in the SOLOTOMO area. The three zones are located in a radius of 3.0km and are clearly outlined as a cluster of gold in soil anomalies. The three main zones have been test drilled by Stellar and a compilation of the results is as follow:


Previous drilling by Stellar confirmed lateral and vertical extensions of the Solotomo Pit gold mineralisation. Drilling confirmed the gold structure over a length of 300 metres and the zone remains open laterally and vertically.


HOLE # (gr Au/t/m)
SO 14 0.49 g Au/t/40.0m
SO 15 1.66 g Au/t/8.0m
SO 16 1.30 g Au/t/8.0m
SO 11 1.74 g Au/t/20.0m
Incl. 3.53 g Au/t/8.0m
SO 12 0.98 g Au/t/25m
SO 05 3.47 g Au/t/4.0m
SO 06 2.61 g Au/t/4.0m
1.80 g Au/t 8.0m


The 42 RC holes on B-3 Grid were drilled along 12 different sections or fences 50 to 100 metres apart to test a strike of 1,050 metres along and across the B-3 gold anomaly.

Of the 42 holes, 21 cross significant gold intersections along a large corridor aligned N 220°. The mineralized shear zone is dipping 50 degrees NE and significant gold mineralisation was outlined over a length of 800 metres.


Hole # (gr Au/t/m)
B-3 05 2.0 gr Au/t/19m
including 3.44 gr Au/t/6m
B-3 06 2.48 gr Au/t/3m
including 6.79 gr Au/t/1m
B-3 08 2.27 gr Au/t/12m
including 3.10 gr Au/t/5m
including 6.44 gr Au/t/1m
B-3 09 1.26 gr Au/t/8m
including 5.48 gr Au/t/1m
B-3 12 1.15 gr Au/t/29m
including 2.5 gr Au/t/5m
including 3.55 gr Au/t/1m
B-3 18 2.20 gr Au/t/6m
including 1.27 gr Au/t/12m
including 9.97 gr Au/t/1m
B-2 23 1.63 gr Au/t/15m
including 2.82 gr Au/t/5m
B-3 24 4.22 gr Au/t/4m
including 15.8 gr Au/t/1m
B-3 26 1.47 gr Au/t/35m
including 5.16 gr Au/t/2m
including 5.35 gr Au/t/2m
B-3 27 2.0 gr Au/t/10m
including 4.24 gr Au/t/4m
B-3 30 2.76 gr Au/t/14m
including 5.0 gr Au/t/3m
including 4.54 gr Au/t/4m
including 3.51 gr Au/t/5m
B-3 31 4.1 gr Au/t/7m
including 16.5 gr Au/t/1m
including 7.13 gr Au/t/1m
including 3.04 gr Au/t/3m
B-3 33 4.41 gr Au/t/9m
including 6.0 gr Au/t/3m


The drilling of the B-1 gold anomaly outlined a large mineralized shear zone striking roughly N 50°E and perpendicular to B-3 zone. The zone was confirmed over a length of 300 metres and is open in all directions.


Hole # (gr Au/t/m)
B-1 04 O.90 gr Au/t/29m
B-1 05 0.55 gr Au/t/28m
0.77 gr Au/t/25m
B-1 09 5.26 gr Au/t/2m
B-1 10 2.46 gr Au/t/2m
B-1 11 1.06 gr Au/t/5m
1.46 gr Au/t/10m
B-1 12 1.64 gr Au/t/47m
B-1 21 1.16 gr Au/t/7m

Anomalies B1 to B4 represents a large gold system located just east of the Solotomo artisan mine site and are part of a system of northwest/southeast and northeast/southwest structures. Geological observation from trenches suggest that the gold mineralization on the Solotomo discovery occurs in quartz-carbonate veins hosted within a well-preserved and very deformed Sericite schist trending northwest and dipping to the east. One form of disseminated alteration most commonly noted in oxidized rocks is quartz-sericite-pyrite (QSP) alteration. This alteration type is not distinctly different in coloration in fresh core and is thus difficult to detect in that state. Surface weathering converts the sericite to white kaolinite, creating a bright white colour alteration distinguishable even at great distance when exposed in trenches, artisan diggings and drill pads. This kind of alteration is evident in the proximity of the Solotomo artisan pits and the white kaolinite is visible from great distance.

Mr. Maurice Giroux, President and CEO of the company and a Qualified Person as defined in NI 43-101 regulation quoted: "We are very pleased with the SOLOTOMO results to date. We have now confirmed by drilling wide and extensive gold mineralization in three different zones all part of the same SOLOTOMO structural system. I am very confident that the next work program to begin in October will lead to a resource calculation».

About the Balandougou property

The Balandougou property is located 100 kilometres to the north of Siguiri in Upper Guinea, close to the Mali border. It is composed of four contiguous permits covering an extensive area of 606 square kilometres in Guinea and of the Namarana permit covering 132 square kilometres adjacent and across the boarder on Mali side.

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Stellar Pacific Ventures (TSX VENTURE:SPX) is a Canadian-based mining exploration company whose primary mission is to target, explore and develop gold deposits in West Africa. Stellar is dedicated to creating growth by discovering and mining the earth's resources in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

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