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February 21, 2006 08:00 ET

Stet Corporation Launches Ag-Zone Project in Texas

LIBERTY HILL, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 21, 2006 -- Stet Corporation, a Texas-based developer and manufacturer of natural green insecticides and soil products under the WisEarth™ brand, announced today the launch of their Ag-Zone Project in Texas. The Ag-Zone Project, the only ag-waste research and development project in the world, is designed to work with new Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) to collect manure for reuse into WisEarth™ products. Partnering dairies will house a system that separates manure solids from liquids, designating the solids for compost, and the liquids are sent to a manufacturing facility where the manure is odorized and stabilized for the manufacture of WisEarth™ products.

The Ag-Zone Project will help eliminate waste and solids for CAFOs, in addition to controlling odor, greenhouse gases and protect water supplies in the areas in and adjacent to the CAFO.

A small freestall dairy with 800 head of cows produce approximately 80,000 pounds of waste a day, and more than 29 million pounds annually. This industrial-sized pollution and waste problem has created a health hazard for both the animals and humans. Current clean-up initiatives are on solids, which accounts for only 20 percent of a dairy's waste problem. Stet Corp will focus on the other 80 percent, which is in the liquid waste.

"Because of waste runoff and water quality issues, (CAFO's) Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations face increasingly stringent federal and state regulations and state political pressures regarding the disposal of waste their animals produce," said Dean Holz, CEO of Stet Corp. "By the nature of our product's ingredients, Stet Corp. has created a winning situation for the dairy farmers by removing a significant amount of manure from the watershed area to create our products."

Stet Corporation's insecticides are the first and only to use ag-waste, the liquid compost extract from manure, as a carrier to produce a line of green, soft pesticides that are advantageous for the soil and plants. This unique property is scientifically designed to last just long enough to do its job and degrades with the soil and designed not contaminate the water supplies.

The WisEarth™ suite of products includes True Stop™ Fire Ant Killer, True Stop™ Whitefly Killer, True Growth™ Liquid Compost, and True Growth™ Root Stimulator. The products will be distributed in sizes from a quart to tanker loads.

The insecticides utilize a technology that lasts just enough time to control the insect problem, and then degrades with sunlight, water and the soil. WisEarth™ insecticide products are designed for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, which is one of the fastest growing movements in the world for controlling insecticides.

About Stet Corporation

Stet Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes effective, affordable and environmentally friendly natural insecticides and soil products with natural renewable resources for the green industries.

Marketed under the WisEarth™ brand name, Stet Corp produces True Growth™ soil products and True Stop insecticide products. The base ingredient for the WisEarth™ line is a by-product of the dairy and feedyard industry.

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For more information on CAFOs visit the EPA website and look for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

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