March 28, 2016 23:45 ET

Steven Ratliff, "The Relentless Capitalist" Announces Partnership With We Are America Radio (WAAR)

Unfiltered, Unapologetic, and "In Your Face" Straight Talk

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - March 28, 2016) - Steven Ratliff announces a partnership with We Are America Radio (WAAR) to launch a new radio program covering politics, business, pop culture and the inner game of success. Steven brings 35 years of business acumen mixed with wit, wisdom and hard-nosed one-liners -- promising to be both entertaining and educational.

"We are excited to add Steven and The Relentless Capitalist Show to our long line of strong conservative programing. Steven's financial expertise and off-beat humor will bring a certain edge to an otherwise serious topic" said Wayne Dupree, CEO and founder of WAAR Media.

Steven Ratliff is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, venture capitalist and media personality. His three and a half decades of successfully navigating booms and busts in a variety of industries and markets has established him as one of the nation's leading experts in business and in real estate. He is founder and CEO of Phoenix based Ratliff Capital, which specializes in the acquisition and invigoration of assets across a broad array of investment classes.

Ratliff states, "WAAR is the perfect medium for my unadulterated approach to inspire and empower individuals that want more out of life than the 9 to 5 grind. My objective is pretty straightforward… a no B.S. approach for folks wanting to build a better life and get ahead financially. I am here to give them the painful truth in order to free them from the outdated & unworkable middle class myths that are so prevalent in our society. I consider my show the antidote to all the rip-off, cookie cutter, all talk-no results "get rich quick" schemes floating around out there on the internet."

The two organizations seem to be in alignment as both Ratliff and WAAR are synergistic in their message as well as their unfiltered delivery. One listener, Troy Bohlke, states, "It is refreshing to hear the truth about what it takes to excel in business and learn the rules of success from a guy who has actually done it on a massive scale. Long gone are the days of Rah-Rah seminars, people want more than excitement, they want results and this show really delivers" Bohlke continues.

Given the growing regulatory apparatus, crony capitalism and other forms of state interventionism coming out of Washington, The Relentless Capitalist Show promises to shine a light in some very dark corners and advocate tirelessly for the little guy with a potent mix of methodology, mindset, tools and direction, all in an effort to galvanize and encourage listeners to break away from the herd and "succeed in a world that's gone completely bonkers."

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