January 18, 2012 13:13 ET

Stevia Corp. (STEV) Starts Off With a Dramatic Plunge. The Stock Falls Early in the Trading Session but Recovers Partially by Noon.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - Jan. 18, 2012) - RocketAlerts continues its coverage on Stevia Corp. (STEV). At RocketAlerts we look for shooting stars like STEV because they provide the quick thinking investor with an opportunity to make a huge profit in a short amount of time. But hitching your wagon to a rising star can be a dangerous proposition if you don't have a well oiled ejection seat. The window of opportunity often closes without much of a warning trapping the unaware. This morning's dramatic plunge is a warning sign to anyone who knows what to watch for. Despite a partial recovery the stock was struggling again by midday.

Just as we predicted yesterday and this morning Stevia Corp. (STEV) is now leveling off. We also predicted that some more news would come out to arrest the coming fall and that's exactly what happened. We believe that we will continue to see peaks and valleys but on a declining slope until the inevitable fall-off. Remember STEV is a multi-stage rocket with multiple entry points for the sophisticated trader. Eventually though, the fuel burns out and the ride is over. How can we be so sure? Very simply we know what to look for. At RocketAlerts we look for signs and events that can foretell a stock's eventual fate. The signs are already here, but not everyone can spot them? Do you know what they are? With our proprietary Movement Precursor Predictor you can get ahead of the game. To see how you can make your profits soar higher, get our absolutely FREE Newsletter by visiting our website:

At RocketAlerts we know that most investors can succeed if they show-up early enough for the blast-off and are prepared ahead of time for the splash-down. How can you tell which way STEV will go this week? By knowing which key signs and events to look for. To get the Right Stuff Know-How and the latest scoop on this stock and many others, subscribe to our FREE newsletter at:

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