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November 10, 2009 17:02 ET

Stina Announces Positive Soil Sample Results on Kodiak Property

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire – Nov. 10, 2009) - Stina Resources Ltd. (the "Company" or "Stina") (TSX VENTURE:SQA) is pleased to announce the results of its soil sampling program conducted over a portion of their Kodiak Gold Property claim block. A total of 1925 soil samples were collected on a grid covering 875 hectares or 2163 acres, about 28% of the claim block. The samples were collected at 50 meter intervals along north-south lines 100 meters apart. All samples were analyzed by multielement scan at ACME labs of Vancouver. The soil survey is an important exploration tool at Kodiak because rock outcrops are scarce.

The soil survey results identified two anomalous areas of strong interest on the grid. With 2.1 parts per billion (ppb) background gold over the sample grid, a large contiguous area on the western side of the grid carries greater than 4 ppb gold with accompanying elevated values of arsenic and antimony. This anomalous area is 2,000 meters long and from 100 meters to 750 meters wide. Within this broad area, a cluster of higher gold grades range from 14 ppb to 99 ppb with arsenic from 40 – 676 ppm and antimony from 1 – 6.9 ppm. Another cluster of samples located just outside of the elevated gold area carries gold values ranging from 140 ppb to 308 ppb. This anomaly is unique in that there are no elevated arsenic values. Each of these higher grade clusters covers an area of 250 by 250 meters.

On the eastern side of the grid there is a group of more isolated pockets of elevated gold values also with accompanying arsenic and antimony. Elevated nickel values in soil also occur either with or in the proximity of the anomalous gold zones indicating underlying mafic or ultramafic rocks. Airborne and ground magnetic surveys also support the presence of these rocks on the Kodiak property as well as their existence about 15 km north on the Underworld-White gold property.

In addition to the gold anomalies found, the soil survey results are significant for the element associations, the pattern of their distribution, and for revealing geologic similarities on the Kodiak property with the Underworld-White gold deposits located about 15 km north.

These include the following:

  • Arsenic and antimony are common associated elements with gold mineralization.
  • The anomalies form three northwest linear trends suggesting a structure control of mineralization on the Kodiak claims.
  • On the Underworld's Arc gold deposit, gold is accompanied by arsenic. Underworld's Golden Saddle deposit contains no arsenic. The contrasting arsenic contents are also evident in the anomalies on the Kodiak grid.
  • The Kodiak anomalies are at the end of a high magnetic trend that extends from the Underworld-White property.
  • The soil anomalies at Kodiak are on or between magnetic anomalies that are interpreted as mafic rocks. The elevated nickel values also support this. Similarly, the higher grade gold mineralization at Underworld's Golden Saddle deposit sets next to ultramafic units with strong magnetic signatures.
  • The potential for gold mineralization on the Kodiak block is further supported by historic placer gold production on Thistle Creek that bounds the north side of the claim block, and the anomalous silt (stream) sediment values on Kodiak from GSC surveys.

Thus far the positive geochemical results of the soil survey on the Kodiak property fit very well into the anticipated Underworld-White model for mineralization potential. Exploration on the Kodiak block will continue in the next warm season, and plans will include backhoe trenching and prospecting over the soil anomalies in developing a potential drilling target. Additionally, accompanying lithology mapping, an expansion of the soil survey to cover other parts of the property, and close interval sampling on selected anomalies found in this survey will also be conducted.

There has been insufficient exploration to define a Mineral Resource on the Kodiak Property, and it is uncertain as to whether, or not, further exploration will result in the discovery of a Mineral Resource on the property. Ed Ullmer, P. Geo of Westminster, CO. is a designated Qualified Person for the Company and was responsible in part for the preparation, amendments and review of this news release.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Rod Sinn, President

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