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April 11, 2006 10:18 ET

Stock Market Alert! April 11, 2006

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MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2006 -- Stock Market Alert's performance stock list includes: Internal Hydro International Inc. (OTC BB: IHDR), NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA), Liberty Media Corporation (NYSE: L) and Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (NASDAQ: PEIX).

Internal Hydro International Inc. (OTC BB: IHDR) issued a press release that could have investors' attention this Tuesday morning. Yesterday, the company announced that with the production of the Energy Commander V small hydro units, selected locations in North Carolina which were previously identified and under agreement will be the first initial locations where the first production units will be placed.

The projected locations studied would support over 70 units, on the limited sites studied in a three county area of Western North Carolina. The company states each unit, with a projected $17,500 per unit annual revenue, will cut electricity costs for the end user and create large revenues for IHDR. With first article units to be completed and tested by the end of April 2006, and initial production and placement of units to follow in Europe with IHDR's EU partner, Cm2, and IHDR's domestic placement, initial production placement is set by the end of the second quarter, 2006.

"Indeed, not all locations were studied which would be available in the area; it was simply the ones we chose to study with the owners commitment," stated Craig A. Huffman, CEO and President of IHDR. "With the tremendous relationships developed in the area, with the Governmental entities, and private industry, their support of our products to come to market, I feel it is only suiting that we use Yadkin County and surrounding areas of North Carolina to field our first production units," continued Huffman.

The EC V units use the natural flows of water from dams, water pipelines, streams and rivers, along with the multiple uses in industrial flows in wood-pulp, chemical, lumber, mining, textile, steel production, oil refining, utility plants, cooling systems in all such uses, and other uses defined by our end potential users. The flows as shown available from these users mean that the applications of the EC V will be so numerous, that the identified uses by end users under contract and letter of intent will fill out the first year's targeted placement.

The company states that with over 500 units projected and targeted in the first year of production for U.S. use, the domestic market will mean an ongoing production and entry of a solid energy unit without competition using the positive displacement system. Each unit, at a projected cost of $7,500 per unit, will have a five to seven year life, where change out of the system will mean a down time planned at less than thirty minutes for the complete unit changeout, the EC V unit that will be able to use its reporting system to monitor maintenance requirements as well as unit production via a satellite reporting system to IHDR.

Internal Hydro International, Inc. is an alternative energy company that developed a clean energy power system, the Energy Commander Systems, which utilizes a patented technology using waste water, fluid or gas flow from any source where flow pressure is present, and yet wasted, to create electricity. Internal Hydro has grown into a multi-national enterprise with international contracts spanning over three continents. Internal Hydro is well positioned to gain major market share and dominate the niche of hydro energy in the fragmented alternative energy marketplace.

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) down 1.7% on 10.7 million shares traded.

NVIDIA Corporation is one of the leaders in graphics and digital media processors.

Liberty Media Corporation (NYSE: L) up 1.6% on 8.4 million shares traded.

Liberty Media Corporation owns a broad range of electronic retailing, media, communications and entertainment businesses and investments.

Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (NASDAQ: PEIX) up 10.6% on 5.3 million shares traded.

Pacific Ethanol, Inc. is to become the leader in the development, production and marketing of renewable fuels in the Western United States

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