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September 20, 2007 11:34 ET

Stock on the Move for Thursday: CCYG! September 20, 2007

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MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - September 20, 2007) - Stock Market Alert's performance stock list includes: CellCyte Genetics Corporation (OTCBB: CCYG), China North East Petroleum Holdings, Limited (OTCBB: CNEH), Ener1, Inc. (OTCBB: ENEI), Advanced Cell Technology Inc (OTCBB: ACTC).

CellCyte Genetics Corporation (OTCBB: CCYG) should have investors monitoring the stock closely. The company, an emerging biotechnology company engaged in the principle business of the discovery, development and commercialization of breakthrough stem cell enabling therapeutic products, issued a press release Wednesday announcing that it has formed a new Device Division in order to develop, manufacture and market its patented line of stem cell cultivation and replication devices.

Great news for CCYG investors, as the press release states that CellCyte Genetics is developing stem cell enabling therapeutic products designed to allow more efficient delivery and significantly increased retention of adult stem cells to diseased organs, such as the heart.

Along with its planned human trials for its therapeutics, CellCyte Genetics intends to develop a new stem cell cultivation device or "bioreactor" unit for which CellCyte Genetics owns the worldwide patent and rights. The Company plans to market the device for applications that will require cells to be grown under regulated oxygen concentrations, e.g. the replication of stem cells and the culture of pancreatic islet cells prior to transplantation into diabetic patients.

Dr. Ron Berninger, Chief Scientific Officer of CellCyte Genetics, explains, "CellCyte's patented biological cell maintenance system has the unique ability to incubate cultured cells with a very efficient and regulatable oxygen supply, making it an ideal choice for culturing cells that are otherwise difficult to keep alive or to expand. Inside the bioreactor, the cells can also form a 3-dimensional network, which is what most cell types do in major organs of the body.

This is certainly another company for investors to watch closely! Using CellCyte's product, scientists, researchers and clinicians should be able to dramatically increase the number of stem cells available for research and potentially for use in stem cell therapies. Management believes that the bioreactor unit will be the Company's first revenue-producing research product and is expected to be ready for market in 2008.

CellCyte Genetics acquired the patents and rights to the bioreactor unit and several other key technologies from the developer of the technology in 2006 as part of its original intellectual property portfolio. The Company began work on remolding key parts of the bioreactor for manufacturing earlier this year as part of CellCyte's efforts to prepare for human trials and FDA application for the use of its stem cell therapies. With the manufacturing path and contract suppliers now set, CellCyte has begun gearing up this Device Division to complete development of the bioreactor and several other synergistic technologies.

The Device Division will operate as a separate division of the Company and will carry out R & D, manufacturing, and sales and marketing functions through the facilities of CellCyte Genetics' new facilities in Bothell near Seattle, Washington.

Before the news was released, the stock closed Wednesday at $5.75 a share.

Other Stocks of interest yesterday were:

China North East Petroleum Holdings, Limited (OTCBB: CNEH) up 55% on 673,000 shares traded.

China North East Petroleum Holdings, Ltd. is engaged in the production of crude oil in Northern China. CNEH has a guaranteed arrangement with Jilin Refinery of PetroChina to sell its produced crude oil for use in the China marketplace. The Company currently operates 4 oilfields with 110 producing wells in Northern China and estimates generating approximately average 1,600 barrels of high quality crude oil per day. A further well drilling project has been planned in future.

Ener1, Inc. (OTCBB: ENEI) up 22.2% on 1 million shares traded.

Ener1, Inc. is an alternative energy technology company that is developing 1) lithium ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) at its 80.5% owned EnerDel subsidiary, 2) commercial fuel cell products through its EnerFuel subsidiary, and 3) nanotechnology-based materials and manufacturing processes for batteries and other applications at its NanoEner subsidiary.

Advanced Cell Technology Inc (OTCBB: ACTC) up 7.4% on 1.5 million shares traded.

Advanced Cell Technology Inc. is a biotechnology company applying stem cell technology in the emerging field of regenerative medicine. The company operates facilities in Alameda, California and Worcester, Massachusetts.

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