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May 13, 2013 10:13 ET

StokeBox Unwraps Only Online "Hand-Me-Down Hookup"

Parents Trade Boxes of Gently Used Kids' Clothes and Gear -- Including Entire Seasonal Wardrobes -- for Five Dollars Plus Shipping

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - May 13, 2013) - It's the day after Mother's Day, and the reality of the chaotic and expensive life of a parent is back in full force. To help alleviate some of the stress and cost of clothing children, StokeBox today debuted its peer-to-peer online trading place, where members swap boxes of their best gently used kids' clothes and gear.

By trading boxes of outgrown children's clothes, parents can save hours of time spent searching multiple online consignment sites to get the best prices and coordinating outfits. And with pricing at five dollars plus USPS flat-rate shipping, moms and dads shopping online no longer need to pay through the nose for shipping each individual piece.

"Not everyone has a real-world hand-me-down network, friends and family with kids the right ages to help you give and receive great used clothing and toys," said Brina Bujkovsky, StokeBox co-founder and CEO. "We created StokeBox to give other families an outlet to get great quality kids' stuff at a fraction of the retail price. Using your kids' clothing and gear as collateral for new-to-you stuff helps de-clutter, as well."

How It Works
After signing up for a free account, members can search available boxes by gender and size. They can also search tags (season, brand, etc.), view detailed photos and review content summaries of each box. All boxes, regardless of size, cost five dollars plus shipping, plus a token. Members earn a token each time they list or ship a box to another member. Non-members can view available boxes at any time.

To keep all members stoked, StokeBox asks them to follow a set of guidelines. These parameters ensure everything offered is in good condition. For example, it is encouraged that clothes with stains and frayed edges, or toys that have missing parts, be donated to others instead of traded on StokeBox.

About StokeBox
StokeBox provides a network where like-minded families trade their best, gently used and outgrown kids' stuff. Parents who don't already have a go-to friend for giving and receiving hand-me-downs that are too nice to just give away now have a place to trade. Members exchange boxes of their best kids' stuff for boxes of clothes and/or toys they need now.

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