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December 09, 2015 03:00 ET

Stone Wins First Annual Patient Voice Impact Award

Richard Stone, Chief Innovation Officer of Synensis, Is Presented the Inaugural Patient Voice Impact Award, Sponsored Jointly by the Patient Voice Institute and The Leapfrog Group, for His Video, "Dignified Dying - The Story of My Father"

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - December 09, 2015) - Richard Stone, chief innovation officer of Synensis, was named the recipient of the first annual Patient Voice Impact Award, the company announced today. The award, presented December 2 at The Leapfrog Group's 2015 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., recognized Stone's video story for its exceptional capacity to advance the impact of the patient voice in health care. The award was presented jointly by the Patient Voice Institute and The Leapfrog Group.

Stone's video, "Dignified Dying - The Story of My Father," tells the story of his father's hemorrhagic stroke and his family's difficult decision of continuing treatment or turning to palliative care. The video illustrates how our culture does not always equip us with understanding how to handle the process of death. With his story, Stone acknowledged the patient voice principle of dignity, and how this is so important when it comes to dealing with this life process.

"As one patient, we can feel alone in our experiences, with little opportunity to be heard or to make a difference," said Pat Mastors, executive director of the Patient Voice Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing, supporting, and amplifying the patient's voice in health care. "This Patient Voice Impact Award creates a community of patients where we can pool, organize, and share our unique stories, voices and talents, creating a powerful new resource that can be tapped for the benefit of ensuring the patient voice is heard, and strengthening our collective impact at the same time. Rick's story demonstrates the influence that a single voice can have."

Stone is a nationally recognized speaker on the power of storytelling and its applications in healthcare. He got his start more than 20 years ago with the creation of the StoryWork Institute, where he developed story-based training programs for team building, leadership development, and diversity training for healthcare institutions. He has worked with organizations such as Novant Health, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and MedStar Health, as well as training hospice volunteers and staff around the country through his program, "Journey Into the Healing Power of Storytelling."

Stone has authored many books, including "The Healing Art of Storytelling," "Stories: The Family Legacy," and "The Kingdom of Nowt." He is also the co-author of "The Patient Survival Handbook." Prior to joining Synensis, he was the StoryAnalytics Master for the IDEAS Innovation team, where he co-created StoryCare®, an innovative program for driving behavioral change among healthcare staff to improve patient safety and satisfaction.

"Having the opportunity to share my family's experience and the tough choices we had to make as my father died has been a powerful experience," Stone said. "I hope that what we learned benefits others as they make this journey with their loved ones, and that the other voices being heard through the Patient Voice Institute have a transformative effect on patients and families around the world."

Stone's video will be shown to the public, as well as audiences in health care, education, social services, and public policy. The video can be viewed at

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