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May 02, 2006 14:45 ET

Stories of Story Book Land Lay Foundations for Understanding Reading and Phonics

EL PASO, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 --"My 'Stories of Story Book Land' lay foundations for understanding Phonics as well as Reading," claims Professor Hot Dog of the free websites, and

"Some stories have bumbling, lovable, phonic outlaws: eight-foot-tall Jack o' Lanterns like the seven brothers from the 'ough' family: Rough, Through, Though, Bought, Bough, Cough, Hiccough. They can't even remember how to pronounce their own names. The families for igh-ight, though phonic outlaws, aren't quite so unpredictable.

"Your baby can turn any Jack o' Lantern outlaw into a well-behaved Phonics Toy. Just trace the cut-out face with a finger and say the rascal's name.

"Each of my 70 Stories is complete in itself, but they coalesce into a long, rollicking epic, 'The Story of Story Book Land and the Great War of the Two Worlds.'

"My war's not much of a war. No bloodshed! Just bumbling wizards attempting silly spells, which always go awry. Like the first spell, which got out of hand and made everybody forget how to read. Everybody!

"Each following story is an attempt to re-discover a lost principle of reading and phonics. Your baby gets a long, long head start in reading and phonics by helping you read my Fairy Tales.

"Call them Phonic Fairy Tales. Phonic Fairy Tales have a full range of personalities: characters who are brave, timid, cooperative, argumentative, intrepid, and all the rest.

"Some characters have responsibilities in phonics. There're 35 Letter-Sound People, the Singing Robot who teaches the sound of a letter by teaching its song, the Two-Headed Blending Machine who teaches phonic blending, and dozens more."

The Professor outrages the human, more conservative teachers at "Two-year-olds are too young to learn about Phonics," maintain the humans. "Phonics are too abstract for preschool children."

"Abstract? Abstract?" barks Professor Hot Dog indignantly. "Let the toddlers of the world decide if Phonic Fairy Tales are 'abstract.' I invite the mothers of all English-speaking toddlers to go to my free site,, and read 'Stories of Story Book Land.'"

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