October 07, 2014 11:00 ET

StoryBy Launches Peer-Generated Online Magazine That Pays You

New Platform Recognizes and Rewards Contributors for Popular Stories

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2014) -  StoryBy, a new publishing platform focused on building the world's largest user-generated magazine, is now available. Bringing a new dimension to traditional discussion forums, StoryBy lets anyone discuss, read and write about topics that they care about. The best part -- contributors get rewarded based on the connection between their content quality, the popularity of their story and the income the story generates by the StoryBy community.

"Everyone has a story to tell and is an expert at something, but most don't know how to get their story out there," says StoryBy CEO, Olavi Toivainen. "We'll invite everyone on the internet to share knowledge in an easy way, without the heavy lifting of creating their own blog. Today, StoryBy presents itself as a perfect place to open a conversation, evolving into a leading source for any peer-information. StoryBy is all about the art of start."

One in five Internet users contribute to some type of online forum -- yet there is no rich discussion forum today. By presenting this content as a visually stunning digital magazine, StoryBy is giving consumers an outlet to discover and share what matters to them, without all the noise. Whether its ideas, insights, experiences, questions or visual inspiration, StoryBy is putting the power of digital content back into the hands of the community.

How it works:

  • Anyone can browse content on StoryBy at any time without signing up for an account.
  • Users can discover new content by browsing the topics of their choice, commenting and up or down voting stories to help moderate the community content.
  • If inspired to contribute their own stories, users can sign up for a free profile on their desktop computer or through a mobile web browser. Sharing stories to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is easy.
  • To begin a new post, contributors simply click the new story button in the main menu or while in the subject and can then share up to 500 words on the subject of their choice. They can add multiple images, videos and web links.
  • Posts can be commented on and comments replied to. Comments are also ranked in order of popularity.
  • Automatic page layouts and template selection for stories keep StoryBy visually-appealing without requiring extensive work from contributors.
  • StoryBy's smart topic-proposal system automatically proposes topics for a new post and organizes the content effectively.
  • The writer will be rewarded based on the popularity of their story and affiliate commissions generated by all stories within the topic. The amount of credits the stories have accumulated can be seen from the Rewards menu.
  • StoryBy will return two-thirds of the earned affiliate commissions and advertising revenues to the users that have contributed to the quality and popularity of the content. Users may choose the means of payout between gift cards and money.

"We invite everyone to help us create the world's biggest magazine and pay the users for doing it. The community earning model is based on affiliate marketing revenues and contextually relevant advertorials, hence the service is free from banner-ads," says StoryBy Chairman, Janne Jormalainen.

StoryBy is free to use and optimized for both desktop and mobile through Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE10+, Android and iOS support. Visit:

About StoryBy:
StoryBy is a web-app that uses little posts to create a mighty magazine giving anyone and everyone a voice. Browse through a variety of topics, write your own stories, engage with others and get paid for your contributions -- the experience is entirely up to you. StoryBy was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, USA and Helsinki, Finland. Start exploring your passions today at

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