Strangeloop Networks Inc.

Strangeloop Networks Inc.

April 21, 2008 09:00 ET

Strangeloop Networks Joins the Application Performance Index Alliance

AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance Supports Standardized Application Metric

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - Strangeloop Networks™ Inc., a leading provider of framework-specific solutions that accelerate dynamic Web applications, today announced that it has joined the Application Performance Index (Apdex) Alliance, a group of companies collaborating to define an application performance metric that reports and tracks application performance for enterprise applications.

Led by Peter Sevcik, president of NetForecast, a consulting firm that helps enterprises manage the performance of business applications, the alliance is composed of industry leaders dedicated to ensuring that enterprises have a standardized, numerical measure of user's satisfaction of website performance, as well as a way to measure the value of IT investments.

As enterprises continue to deploy dynamic, rich and interactive websites, server and network workloads increase, often causing diminishing application performance which negatively affects end user's experiences. Managing and tracking performance issues have therefore become a top concern for enterprise IT managers today. The Apdex reporting methodology was created to give network managers the ability to track performance and alleviate issues before they reach the end user, an invaluable feature for furthering customer satisfaction and driving business success.

"The Apdex alliance is dedicated to providing enterprises with a quantifiable, standardized way to continuously monitor and manage their application performance," said Mr. Sevcik. "It not only gives network managers a daily pulse on their application's performance, but it also provides an easy way to convert the daily results into performance trends over time, which is very important for managing and aligning IT investments with business goals."

The Strangeloop AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance was designed to address the application performance issues inherent in dynamic Web 2.0 applications through its heuristic caching abilities, reducing loads on servers and the network. The appliance sits in between the application servers and the network and combines software optimization techniques with the speed and agility of an intelligent network device to automatically optimize enterprise applications in the network, in real-time. The Strangeloop AS1000 is easy to deploy, allowing IT departments to rapidly realize performance benefits without complex deployments or programming tasks. With Apdex reporting and the Strangeloop AS1000 analytics features, network administrators can quantifiably track application performance and easily assess what performance their users are experiencing, enabling IT staff and network administrators to quickly address issues that may arise.

"We successfully designed the AS1000 to boost the performance and scalability of Microsoft ASP.NET based applications, reduce bandwidth needs, and free developers from costly application tuning cycles," said Jonathan Bixby, chief executive officer of Strangeloop. "One of the most important aspects of managing web application performance is seeing the performance from the user's perspective. The Apdex metric is an important extension to our product's web performance analysis features, as it provides a simple, easy-to-interpret performance metric that allows network managers to quickly see how well the web application is performing relative to their customer's expectations and needs."

About the Apdex metric

Apdex is a numerical measure of user satisfaction that converts many measurements of time users waited for a task to complete into a value on a uniform scale of 0-to-1 (0 equals no users satisfied, 1 equals all users satisfied). Task response time is defined as the elapsed time between when a user makes a request and when the system responds such that the user can proceed with the process. Each company can individually determine their own target response time for a satisfactory response. The methodology then automatically creates three performance zones for any measurement sample: satisfactory, tolerating and frustrated. The final number, ranging from 0 - 1, is a simple mathematical formula: The number of satisfied samples plus half of the tolerating samples plus none of the frustrated samples, divided by all the samples.

About Strangeloop Networks

The Strangeloop Networks products accelerate dynamic web applications with unique, framework-specific solutions that require minimal changes to software coding and hardware infrastructure, freeing developers to focus on providing enterprises with value-added features. With the Strangeloop AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance for Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX and the Strangeloop WS1000 Web Services Accelerator, enterprises dramatically shorten code cycles, improve application performance and throughput, more efficiently use bandwidth, achieve greater return on their investment in information technology (IT) staff, network and computing resources and boost customer satisfaction. Strangeloop is based in Vancouver, B.C. For more information, visit

About The Apdex Alliance

The Apdex Alliance is a group of companies collaborating to define and promote an application performance metric called Apdex, a numerical measure of user satisfaction with the performance of enterprise applications, and reflects the effectiveness of IT investments in contributing to business objectives. Founded in 2004 by Peter Sevcik of NetForecast, Apdex is available to any organization seeking insight into their IT investments. Visit for more information.

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