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Stratacon Inc.

March 30, 2005 11:30 ET

Stratacon Inc.: Apartment Buildings Owners Lead on 'Smart Meter' Initiative



MARCH 30, 2005 - 11:30 ET

Stratacon Inc.: Apartment Buildings Owners Lead on
'Smart Meter' Initiative

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 30, 2005) - Stratacon is pleased
to announce that Pivotal Property Management Corp. has selected
Stratacon's 'smart meter' system for an apartment building recently
placed under its management. Pivotal already uses Stratacon's 'smart
meter' system for about two hundred and fifty apartment suites in
buildings across southern Ontario; the newest building being 'smart
metered' has 57 units.

"Our experience with 'smart metering' apartment buildings has been
tremendous. With tenants taking responsibility for their own electricity
costs, consumption drops dramatically. Tenants pay lower rents and the
majority of tenants are no longer subsidizing those few tenants who use
the most electricity. We now automatically look at 'smart metering' when
we take on new projects," said Pivotal President Daniel Scenna.

"We've been getting lots of calls from apartment owners and managers,
and condominium corporations asking about 'smart metering'. While the
Province of Ontario has played a leadership role in raising awareness,
the legislative reforms necessary for accelerating change in the
apartment and condominium sector are not yet in place. But even with the
delays, people realize that 'smart metering' offers the best way to
reduce electricity consumption and improve the amount of information
available to consumers," said Stratacon COO, Peter Mills.

"Also, with marijuana grow operators shifting their base of operations
to high rises, 'smart metering' is the most effective way of keeping
these dangerous operations out of residential buildings. 'Smart meters'
can immediately detect increased electricity consumption associated with
grow-ops,"added Mr. Mills.

A growing number of apartment building owners are installing 'smart
meter' technology so that individual apartment suites can be separately
metered for electricity consumption. When the building is 'smart
metered' the tenant's rent is reduced based on average in-suite
consumption for the building and responsibility for the in-suite
electricity consumption is transferred to the tenant. The Stratacon
'smart meter' system monitors electricity consumption by the time of day
and posts that information to its state of the art Internet web site.
The system gives tenants the power to monitor and control their own
electricity consumption.

Currently about eighty-five per cent of apartment and condominium
buildings use a bulk meter for electricity consumption. The building
owner pays the utility bill and electricity is just part of the rent;
tenants have no information about their own electricity consumption and,
accordingly, have no incentive to conserve. In most buildings switching
to a 'smart meter' system can be done in less than a day without
requiring access to individual units. Since 'smart metering'
multi-residential buildings reduces electricity consumption by between
15 to 25%, a number of jurisdictions (e.g. Germany) have made 'smart
metering' multi-residential buildings mandatory.

About Stratacon

Stratacon is a utility management company that serves multi residential
and commercial markets. They provide complete turnkey services including
utility analysis, meter installation, online consumption information for
consumers, bill presentation and collection, project monitoring and
verification. Their customers include Canada's largest property
management firms. For more information visit or call
the above contacts.

About Pivotal Property Management Corp.

Pivotal Property Management is based in Woodbridge, ON and currently
manages over 40 apartment buildings across southern Ontario. They have
successfully maintained a high level of resident retention and fiscal
performance across their portfolio of properties. For more information
about Pivotal Property Management please contact David Mendel, V.P.
Operations at 905-850-0808.


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