Stratacon Inc.

Stratacon Inc.

November 03, 2005 16:35 ET

Stratacon Welcomes Ontario's New Electricity Conservation Strategy

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 3, 2005) - The Province of Ontario has taken a major step forward in promoting electricity conservation by promising to facilitate 'smart' sub-metering for apartment and condominium buildings. The proposed omnibus legislation and the related regulations should remove legislative red tape that has inhibited the implementation of 'smart' metering in almost 1.8 million homes in multi-residential buildings. As residents take direct responsibility for paying their in-suite electricity bills consumption will drop by about 15-25%, making sub-metering the most significant conservation initiative in many years.

"Stratacon is one of Canada's largest 'smart' sub-metering companies in the apartment and condominium sector. We are ready to work with condominium boards, management companies, and landlords across Ontario to implement comprehensive sub-metering systems. Using the latest meter technology developed by Ontario-based Triacta Power Technologies, Inc. and online reporting software, a typical building installation takes less than a week," said Ian Stewart, Stratacon President.

"Sub-metering apartments and condominiums is an efficient, inexpensive and fair way to promote electricity conservation and control costs. If all condominiums and apartments in Ontario were sub-metered this would reduce the amount of required electricity generation by about 540 MW, going a long way towards reducing the pressure on Ontario's generating capacity." said Peter Mills, Stratacon COO.

When a building is sub-metered the resident's rent or common area expense is reduced and responsibility for paying for in-suite electricity consumption is transferred directly to the resident. The Stratacon 'smart' sub-meter system monitors electricity consumption by the time of day and posts that information to Stratacon's Internet Web site. The site is supported by trained customer service personnel and the system gives residents the power to monitor and control their own electricity consumption through daily access to information.

Currently about 85 percent of apartment and condominium buildings (1.8 million suites) use a bulk meter for electricity consumption. The building owner pays the utility bill and electricity is included in the rent or common area expense --- residents have no information about their own consumption and no incentive to conserve. In most buildings sub-metering can be done in less than a week without requiring access to individual units, and residents benefit from the lower bulk meter rates. Many jurisdictions (e.g., Germany) make it mandatory to 'smart' submeter all multi-residential buildings.

If the regulations are well drafted the result will be a dramatic drop in electricity consumption; a reduction in both rent or common area expenses and monthly energy costs for residents; and fairness for the majority of residents who are now subsidizing those few who use the most electricity. We look forward to reviewing the specifics of the proposed electricity conservation strategy.

About Stratacon

Stratacon is a utility management company serving the multi-residential and commercial markets. The company provides complete turnkey services including utility analysis, meter installation, online consumption information for consumers, bill presentation and collection, project monitoring and verification. Stratacon customers include Canada's largest property management firms. Stratacon's online billing and reporting platform is operated by ista ( ), a company that provides billing and energy management services to 10 million homes worldwide and nearly 1 million homes in North America. Using the ista platform Stratacon provides residents and building managers with comprehensive energy consumption information in real time. Stratacon's high density meter supplier is Triacta Power Technologies, Inc. ( ), an Ontario company focused on high density applications. For more information visit or call the above contacts.

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