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August 09, 2016 08:31 ET

Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources Subsidiary, Paragon Waste Solutions, Receives Final Review Status From South Coast Air Quality Management District for Unconditional Non-Research Permit

Issuance of Non-Research Air Permit Would Designate Paragon Waste Solutions as the Only Company in California Permitted to Destroy All Types of Regulated Medical Waste in the State

GOLDEN, CO--(Marketwired - August 09, 2016) - Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (SEER) (OTCQB: SENR), a provider of environmental, renewable fuels and industrial waste stream management services, announced that its subsidiary, Paragon Waste Solutions, has received final review status from South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for an unconditional, non-research permit of its CoronaLux System in the state of California.

The SCAQMD is the air pollution control agency for all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. This area of 10,743 square miles is home to over 16.8 million people -- about half the population of the whole state of California. It is the second most populated urban area in the United States.

Recently submitted third-party test results have been accepted by the SCAQMD and the Company has received formal notification that the California permitting process for the CoronaLux System is now under final review for issuance of an unconditional non-research permit.

Paragon Waste Solutions current research permit designates the CoronaLux System as the only technology in California capable of and currently destroying all types of regulated medical waste in the state. Obtaining a non-research air permit in California has been a long and tedious process. It has required the development of comprehensive testing protocols and extensive and repetitive, high-tech testing that had to be devised specifically for the CoronaLux technology. The testing procedure phase commenced late last year and involved many months of undertaking by Paragon Waste Solutions, SEER's California partner, Medical Waste Services (MWS), and the independent testing laboratories carrying out the sampling and analysis.

The final step for Paragon Waste Solutions and MWS is to conduct a modeling report based on the empirical test data using the emission rates from the source test to demonstrate the health risk results are at or below the values determined under the research permit. The modeling will be reviewed and verified by the SCAQMD. The Company expects the modeling report will be completed and submitted this month.

"While it has been time consuming, we appreciate the cooperation on the part of the SCAQMD," said Bob Shaw, president of Medical Waste Services, SEER's California partner. "We knew it would be challenging to bring such a disruptive technology into California that, until now, has not permitted the destruction of medical waste in the state since 2003. We believe the extensive, empirical data compiled by the independent engineers establish the CoronaLux technology as the gold standard in the medical waste destruction industry and we welcome the opportunity to continue to work with the district as we endeavor to bring this remarkable and much-needed technology to the California market."

Paragon Waste Solutions is in the process of reestablishing its operations in Florida with new partners and continues its efforts to build on its permitting portfolio that has been issued in that state.

"Establishing facilities in both California, in the South Coast Air Quality Management District, and in Florida in Broward County where final permitting has already been obtained, was an aggressive strategy on the part of Paragon Waste Solutions," said Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources Chairman and CEO, John Combs. "These markets were chosen not only because of existing relationships, but also because they represent two of the most commercial and profitable markets in the United States. The reality of this aggressive approach has been the tremendous level of scrutiny and time required. The technology has now been validated in both Florida and California and, once final permitting is obtained in California and other pending, valuable markets, our technology will be positioned for an accelerated rollout across the country and abroad."

Paragon Waste Solutions continues to receive inquiries from businesses throughout the world, but remains focused on its existing installations and opportunities. Once full-time operations are commenced in several of its existing facilities, the Company will continue to more aggressively pursue additional opportunities, both domestically and abroad.

The Paragon CoronaLux™ System is a patented, low-energy, plasma-assisted pyrolytic process that makes it possible to reliably and safely destroy medical waste; on-site and on-demand. The disruptive technology safely and efficiently eliminates virtually all harmful emissions associated with high-temperature thermal processes such as incineration. Third-party independent emission studies concluded the CoronaLux System emits the lowest levels of NOx, Carbon Monoxide and VOC's versus any of today's thermal destruction technologies.

Watch the incineration replacement technology. The MWS CoronaLux is the only California based medical waste disposal facility that can take those items that need high-heat destruction.

About SCAQMD -- South Coast Air Quality Management District

The South Coast AQMD believes that all who live or work within its region have a right to breathe clean air. SCAQMD is committed to undertaking all necessary steps to protect public health from air pollution, with sensitivity to the impacts of its actions on the community and businesses. This is accomplished through a comprehensive program of planning, regulation, compliance assistance, enforcement, monitoring, technology advancement, and public education. SCAQMD is responsible for controlling emissions primarily from stationary sources of air pollution. These can include anything from large power plants and refineries to the corner gas station. There are about 28,400 such businesses operating under SCAQMD permits. Many consumer products are also considered stationary sources; these include house paint, furniture varnish, and thousands of products containing solvents that evaporate into the air. About 25% of this area's ozone-forming air pollution comes from stationary sources, both businesses and residences. The other 75% comes from mobile sources-mainly cars, trucks and buses, but also construction equipment, ships, trains and airplanes. Emission standards for mobile sources are established by state or federal agencies, such as the California Air Resources Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, rather than by local agencies such as the SCAQMD. For more information, please visit:

About Paragon Waste Solutions

SEER's majority-owned Paragon Waste Solutions is at the technological forefront of the waste management and destruction industry. Paragon's patented CoronaLux™ System uses a low-energy, plasma-enhanced pyrolytic process to safely and reliably destroy hazardous, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and regulated medical waste. The system also eliminates harmful emissions associated with high-temperature thermal alternative processes such as incineration and conventional hot plasma. The result is tremendous cost savings for waste producers and a much cleaner, safer environment. Initial CoronaLux™ installations have addressed the medical waste market where prevailing destruction methodologies are not available or antiquated, costly and create harmful emissions through incineration or high-energy plasma treatment. Eventually, the Company intends to deploy its CoronaLux™ technology into the oil and gas refinery sector, where the mandated destruction of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, is currently costly and inefficient. The Company's CoronaLux™ technology is the industry's cleanest and most effective solution for most types of solid waste destruction; appropriate for on-site, mobile or centralized collection applications. For more information, please visit:

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Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (SEER) (OTCQB: SENR), identifies, secures, and commercializes patented and proprietary environmental clean technologies in several multibillion dollar sectors (including oil & gas, renewable fuels, and all types of waste management, both solid and gaseous) for the purpose of either destroying/minimizing hazardous waste streams more safely and at lower cost than any competitive alternative, and/or processing the waste for use as a renewable fuel for the benefit of the customers and the environment. SEER has four wholly-owned operating subsidiaries: REGS, LLC; Tactical Cleaning Company, LLC; MV Technologies, LLC and SEER Environmental Materials, LLC; and two majority-owned subsidiaries: Paragon Waste Solutions, LLC; and ReaCH4biogas ("Reach"). For more information about the Company visit:

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