SOURCE: Strategic Global Investments, Inc.

September 30, 2013 08:30 ET

Strategic Global Investments Brings to Market Revolutionary Advertising Solutions

Proprietary Technology Provides Dramatic and Cost Effective Solution to Traditional Banner Advertising With Holographic Style Imaging Displays

CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2013) - Strategic Global Investments, Inc. (OTC Pink: STBV) announced today that the Company has developed a digital advertising platform that will utilize holographic-like displays administered with the proprietary management software of The mesmerizing displays will replace traditional printed advertising signs and banners displayed in retail establishments such as restaurants, bars, hotels, liquors stores, gas stations and many other establishments and can be changed instantly worldwide by using the ( internet admin system; effectively redirecting that reoccurring revenue into the Company.

Strategic Global has created this progressive technology to facilitate extensive cost savings to the current system that presently requires new and costly printing and distribution for each new campaign. Currently an advertising campaign with signs and banners requires that each promotion use printers, ink, paper and labor to print the signs and banners and then be distributed to and manually hung in each retail location. The new technology developed by Strategic will eliminate the need for these static hard copy expenses by replacing it with the ability to display a holographic type ad on a store-front window or other medium while facilitating the flexibility to change that ad instantly with the administrative content management system that that can be utilized through the internet on a worldwide basis.

The Company's advertising platform will provide the following significant advantages over this traditional method of advertisement:

Initially, a primary advantage is that an advertised image on the holographic-like display can be modified at any point in time via remote Internet log in Secondly, the displays in any number of retail locations can be synchronized in a manner that they can all be simultaneously revised via this remote capability. In addition to static images, these state of the art displays have the robust capability of displaying video. This will provide advertisers the opportunity to impress viewers through engaging video content that can inspire action in a manner that is simply not possible with conventional static advertising images and finally, the system is much more cost and labor effective than what is currently utilized at the majority of locations.

The implementation and marketing of this digital advertising platform is expected to profitably build upon and benefit from the Company's video experience gained from its Wazillo Media business, in conjunction with its experience in dealing with retail establishments gained from its business.

Global Advertising and Branding industry:

"Out of Home" Advertising is comprised of a mix of billboards, street furniture, transit, cinema and place-based (i.e. restaurants, bars and convenience store) media that surround and immerse consumers during the 70% of the day that they are away from home. Statistics reveal that the "Out of Home" Advertising revenue potential reaches into the range of 16 Billion Dollars Worldwide with 6.4 Billion Generated in the United States alone.


"Statistics reveal that this can be a very lucrative segment of our business. We are exceedingly confident that the compatibility between our current business model and the development of this technology will evolve in a seamless integration; enhancing our impact in the industry and ultimately our bottom line" stated Andrew Fellner, President/CEO of Strategic Global Investments.

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