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January 30, 2007 09:00 ET

Strategic Insights Launches the Next Generation of Competitive Intelligence

STAMFORD, CT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 30, 2007 -- Recent high-profile cases involving questionable fact-finding techniques performed in the name of competitive intelligence have made board members and executives wary of its use as an effective business tool. According to Strategic Insights, a global intelligence consulting firm, companies that rely strictly on traditional competitive intelligence to protect their leadership position could be putting billions of dollars at risk. "Today's business leaders require more than just an understanding of facts and events," says Alden R. Taylor, Managing Partner, Strategic Insights. "They require insight into the motivations and decision making processes of competitors so they can evaluate the impact of potential threats on their business and make strategic decisions in advance of a competitive event." Gaining this type of insight is what Taylor refers to as 'strategic intelligence,' the next generation of competitive intelligence.

Taylor established Strategic Insights in 2003 with former Kroll and Citigate colleague Dr. Pamela B. Volkman and George T. Guernsey, a financial executive and consultant who manages their proprietary intelligence software tool, Insight Mapping™, out of their London office. With a global network of over 100 consultants on 5 continents, Strategic Insights helps companies use strategic intelligence to protect their business against financial loss, maintain a competitive advantage, establish best practices and identify strategic opportunities.

"The difference between competitive intelligence and strategic intelligence," says Taylor, "is competitive intelligence focuses on verifying facts and past events, forcing companies to operate in reactionary mode. Strategic intelligence on the other hand, is forward-looking, providing executives with insight into the motives and decision making processes of competitors. Executives can make strategic decisions in advance of a competitive event versus responding with 20/20 hindsight." Although strategic intelligence utilizes industry-accepted competitive intelligence techniques, it is focused on a client's business, economic, political and marketing environment. Through its proprietary intelligence model and mapping software, Strategic Insights helps companies evaluate the potential impact of threats on their business so they can maximize opportunities and mitigate risk.

"All large companies, R&D facilities and government entities deal with intelligence in one way or another," says Norman F. Strate, an Advisory Director with Strategic Insights and former executive with RCA, Hertz, Showtime and Talon. "However, the critical intelligence they require is unique to their business and not easily available prior to a transaction taking place," notes Strate. He adds that the types of transactions that Strategic Insights have been involved with include: evaluating global alliance opportunities, substantiating tangible and intangible attributes of a prospective investment and assessing critical success factors and their attendant risk. "Having an intelligence infrastructure in place allows companies to identify gaps in their strategy and more importantly, how to close them without putting billions of dollars at risk," says Strate.

In today's competitive business environment, strict adherence to ethical practices and confidentiality is critical to the success of any client relationship. Taylor is keenly aware of recent events in the intelligence industry and has had to overcome preconceptions from prospective clients on more than one occasion. "This is just part of developing a new relationship," states Taylor. "Clients know that we do not use methodologies that if publicized would create embarrassment or legal complications for them or our company," says Taylor.

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Strategic Insights is a global enterprise intelligence consulting firm that helps companies use intelligence to protect their business against financial loss, maintain a competitive advantage, establish best practices and identify strategic opportunities. The company is highly regarded by clients for its ethical processes and discretion, proprietary intelligence models and global network of business partners that provide industrial, competitive, strategic, economic and marketing expertise at the local level.

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