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November 17, 2009 02:00 ET

Strategic Partnership with NHSP

17 November 2009
                             Allocate Software and NHS Professionals announce
                            a Strategic Partnership to deliver fully integrated
                            workforce management services to NHS organisations
Allocate  Software  plc (AIM:ALL), the market leader in the provision of Healthcare workforce optimisation
solutions,  and  NHS  Professionals, a Special Strategic Health Authority (NHSP), the largest provider  of
flexible staff managed services to the NHS, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to deliver long-
term integrated services to NHS Trusts.

Following a competitive tendering process for an e-Rostering partner, NHSP has chosen Allocate Software  to
deliver  these  services exclusively. By adding e-Rostering to its core offering of managed flexible  staff
services  NHSP will be able to offer a complete managed workforce service.  The partnership is  significant
because  it  will  deliver tangible benefits to NHS Trusts by helping them to achieve  major  cost  savings
across  their substantive and flexible clinical and administrative workforce while continuing  to  maintain
optimum standards of clinical care.

Tricia  Hart,  Director  of  Nursing and Patient Safety at South Tees Hospitals NHS  Foundation  Trust,  is
delighted  by  the announcement and comments: "Managing our temporary workforce has become an  increasingly
complex  and time consuming process for our ward managers. This partnership promises to reduce and in  some
cases eliminate the paperwork involved in rostering and timesheets through to payroll. This means our  more
experienced  nurses  can  be on the wards, supervising and supporting junior colleagues  and  attending  to
patient needs instead of filling in forms. It is critical that we have the right staff on the wards at  all
times  so  the highest levels of care can be maintained - to this end, I can see how this partnership  will
add value and further enhance our drive to continually improve the quality of care to our patients".

It  is  anticipated that the first implementations will be made in the early part of 2010. Key benefits  to
the Trusts will be increased visibility of both demand and supply across their whole workforce, elimination
of  overtime  working with replacement by flexible staff, and a major reduction of expensive  agency  staff

This partnership builds on the existing Allocate Software relationship with NHSP via its long term contract
for the provision of StaffBank, NHSP's flexible worker management system.

Talking  of  the  agreement, Neil Lloyd CEO of NHS Professionals said: "e-Rostering is the essential  first
step  in  reducing the demand for flexible staff by optimising the utilisation of permanent staff. Our  NHS
clients will be able to benefit very quickly from this important extension to our services as there will be
little  capital expenditure, no complex IT project to deliver and payment will be via a simple addition  to
service  charges. Allocate Software's e-Rostering services will help us extend our core offering to  become
the  managed  workforce  service  provider to the NHS; it will enable us to  achieve  our  joint  goals  of
providing a single point of entry and a full end-to-end managed service for flexible staff from e-Rostering
through to payroll services.

We  are  aiming  for this to be the standard route for all NHS Trusts to receive financial  and  management
benefits  across their substantive and flexible staff while continuing to deliver the highest standards  of
clinical care. We are delighted to announce this partnership with Allocate Software, which was the  outcome
of robust due process; together we will work towards delivering a fully integrated solution for the NHS."

Commenting  on this strategic partnership, Ian Bowles, Allocate Software's CEO said: "We are  delighted  to
have  been selected by NHSP as its strategic partner. Their decision reinforces our position within the  e-
Rostering  market for Healthcare.   NHS Trusts will benefit from the unique service NHSP will  be  able  to
provide,  enabling  them  to  operate a fully integrated solution for the  management  of  substantive  and
temporary  staffing groups. This partnership demonstrates once again our commitment to the NHS, and  builds
on  our own work with NHS Trusts to help them achieve efficient and effective use of their workforce  while
maintaining the best standards of quality care."


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About NHS Professionals

NHS  Professionals  is the largest provider of managed flexible staff to the NHS with over  50,000  nurses,
care  workers  and doctors signed to its banks, placing over 2 million shifts a year, recruiting  over  400
fully-screened  and  qualified  flexible  workers a month, and  serving  over  120  acute,  mental  health,
foundation and primary care trusts. With client satisfaction exceeding 90% and real savings of over  £500m,
NHS Professionals helps Trusts both improve clinical governance and reduce costs.

NHS  Professionals works within each client Trust as part of the team, with local account management backed
up  by  state-of-the-art electronic processes. Trust finance directors receive, as  part  of  the  service,
comprehensive  and  detailed management information and access to budgetary control mechanisms  within  the
technology platform.

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