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June 18, 2010 09:00 ET

Strategic Rare Earth Metals (PINKSHEETS: SREH) Expands Application Development to the $183 Million iPad Apps Market

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) -  Strategic Rare Earth Metals (PINKSHEETS: SREH) and its subsidiary, Mobile2Earth, Inc. expands their cutting edge application development teams to the booming Apple iPad market. Since the April 2010 release, Apple, Inc. has sold more than 2 million iPads and 12 million iPad applications.

Mobile2Earth CEO Tony DiBiase stated, "We are excited to move into the rapidly growing iPad application market. Companies are investing in highly interactive, creative iPad applications to build brand awareness and reach their customers."

Specifically, the development team at Mobile2Earth is moving forward with an innovative iPad application for Encounter Technologies (PINKSHEETS: ENTI) and its music video social platform, This groundbreaking application will include an impressive list of unique social platform features including the ability for subscribers to edit music videos directly on their iPad screens and share them with their friends.

The iPad application market is estimated to grow from $183 million in 2010 to more than $8 billion by 2015. Analysts claim that 179 million paid applications will be downloaded in 2011 and that number is expected to grow to 630 million by 2013.

About Strategic Rare Earth Metals:

Strategic Rare Earth is the parent company of two subsidiaries, Mobile2Earth and Scientific News International. It offers end-to-end iPhone application development services including iPhone app concept development, actual app development and app marketing and promotion. The iPhone application development is approached in a systematic and organized way and coordinated with clients right from scratch. Strategic Rare Earth Metals works with clients through the concept development of the app to be created and the feasibility of creating such an app. The concept development process involves research and analysis on the scope of the application, its USP, its target users and the mileage it will offer the client's brand. Feasibility studies will gauge the economic, technical schedule and operational feasibility of the app in question depending on its practicality and competitive advantage. Based on the feasibility study, a schedule is set to build the app concept with the client. Assistance is provided in setting up a developer account at the Apple App store, and the client is walked through the development process, schedules and marketing. The iPhone developers are skilled in Apple's developer tools like Xcode, Cocoa Touch framework and Objective C. Leveraging the best of Apple's technologies and using Cocoa's APIs, the iPhone programmers create a tightly-integrated Xcode development experience that makes adding animation, networking, appearance and behavior to apps easier, with just a few lines of code.

The iPhone app development team is strict on meeting optimum time-to-market periods. Working in collaboration with clients, they monitor the App development process and check for risks and bugs. The applications are original and innovative enough to cut through the noise of the App store and offer a high-level user experience. Understanding the core process of iPhone app development, Strategic Rare Earth Metals builds third-party applications that are as interactive and easy-to-use as native applications.


Mobile2Earth offers end to end iPhone application development services from iPhone app development to actual app development to app marketing and promotion. Mobile2Earth does not stop with iPhone app development. They guide clients in submitting the App to the Apple Store and getting it approved. After the rigors of app approval, they work towards marketing and promoting the app to increase its visibility online. The current library of successful applications, many developed in conjunction with partners, makes Mobile2Earth a leader in unique and practical apps for the iPhone.

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About Encounter Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ENTI)

Encounter Technologies, Inc. provides end-to-end technology and online marketing services and specialize in social media, video technology and online entertainment web solutions. Encounter Technologies, Inc. utilizes pre-built applications to provide the platforms in which to base solutions for businesses looking to utilize video technology to increase online collaboration and interaction. They provide clients with the best methods to increase user value and achieve desired business results. Simply put, Encounter Technologies, Inc. transforms ideas into revenues. For more information about Encounter Technologies, Inc., visit


On, users are able to participate in music video editing competitions in order to win prizes and recognition. Encounter Technologies, Inc. (ENTI) developed a cutting edge, simple to use platform for which facilitates the video uploading, editing, sharing and viewing experiences. By creating an environment which rewards both innovation and creativity, users are given the incentive to implement their own unique online marketing campaigns in order to expose a particular artist or song to populations and demographics not typically reached through standard mass campaigns. For more information about Music Matrix, visit

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