April 02, 2012 04:00 ET

Strategir Chooses Voxco's Command Center™ Solution to Improve its Technological Development

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - April 2, 2012) - Today, Voxco announced that Strategir has chosen the Command Center™ software suite as its multi-channel data collection platform.

Strategir specializes in quantitative surveys, in particular in the consumer and luxury goods sectors. Its field study facilities comprise more than 350 dedicated interviewers, 25 different sites permanently equipped to conduct CAPI studies, a 30 seat call center for CATI, and online surveying operations.

Given this combination, Strategir was looking for a mixed and multi-channel data collection system enabling face-to-face, telephone and web studies to be carried out using a single scripting tool, and a common database to store the collected data and results.

Gilles Bernasconi, Managing Director of Voxco EMEA explained, "Our Command Center™ solution was specifically designed to address the fielding issues of a company typified by Strategir. We are very happy to collaborate with Strategir, and to be of service in its technological development."

Luc Milbergue, Strategir's founder, said "The objective was to equip ourselves with a tool which would allow us reduce the turnaround time for our surveys, and with the flexibility to handle all of our collection modes. Voxco's Command Center™ meets these needs perfectly. This will enable us to provide results to our clients faster, and make it easier to manage our field operations."

About Strategir

Strategir is a market studies firm whose chosen fields are, on the one hand, specialization in mass consumer, luxury, over-the-counter and retail markets, and on the other, to assist its European clients in local and international markets, from product innovation through point of sale.

Strategir is present in France, Germany, UK, Spain, China, and also in the USA since the beginning of 2012. The company focuses on a specialist role, significant investment in R&D, and international development to sustain its growth.

For more information about Strategir, please visit www.Strategir.com.

About Voxco

Voxco is a global provider of software solutions that enable companies, market research firms, governments and institutions to make better decisions by providing the necessary tools to collect, process and analyze data from their environments.

Voxco's offering includes Acuity4 Survey, a leading edge online survey software, Acuity4 Social, a next-generation social media monitoring and insights solution, and Voxco Command Center™, the industry-leading multimode data collection platform for all types of surveys (web, phone, face-to-face, mobile and IVR).

Voxco is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with subsidiaries in the USA, France, UK, Germany and Australia servicing hundreds of customers spread over more than thirty countries.

To obtain additional information on how Voxco can help your business, visit us at www.voxco.com.

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