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June 17, 2013 02:00 ET


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                                      RONALDSWSAY PRIVATE EQUITY PLC
                                         ("RPEP" or the "Company")
                                      STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT UPDATE

Ronaldsway  Private  Equity Plc is pleased to confirm the re-focusing of its Investment  Strategy  and  the
recruitment of additional management expertise to the Company.

Investment Strategy

When  Andy  Hasoon  and  Adele Thackray were appointed to the Board of the Company in  December  2012,  the
Company  was  an  investment vehicle whose strategy was generalist, with no specific  sector,  national  or
regional focus.

Since  our  appointment,  we  have  focused the Company's strategy on investing  in  early  stage,  growing
companies, particularly in the media, technology and education sectors.

In  addition to investing in such companies, the Directors also intend to adopt a more hands-on approach to
helping  them  grow, providing assistance on marketing, business development activities, grant-raising  and
capital-raising  mandates,  as well as putting in place strategic partnerships  to  help  them  secure  new
business  and  drive growth. In return for this additional assistance, RPEP will receive fees  and  further
equity in its portfolio companies.

The  remaining  investments  made pursuant to RPEP's previous investment strategy  will,  if  possible,  be
realised and any proceeds applied towards implementation of the Company's revised strategy.

Investment in FLUX IMPACT Limited

In  pursuit of its revised investment strategy, RPEP has joined forces with Engage Production Limited (EPL)
and Milamber Investments Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Milamber Group Limited, of which Andy Hasoon
is  a  Director and 20% shareholder) to create FLUX IMPACT Limited ("FLUX"), an events company designed  to
engage  and  educate audiences through innovation, technology and experience. FLUX's core objective  is  to
cultivate  mutually  beneficial  relationships  between  innovative  technology  and  education  companies,
corporations and the investment community.

FLUX was formally incorporated after an inaugural "FLUX" event at the Truman Brewery on London's Brick Lane
on 31 January 2013 secured over six-hundred registered attendees, thirty-two exhibitors, and eighteen guest
speakers.    The event was acclaimed an industry success and generated significant interest from  potential
sponsors,  investors and innovators for future events, including expansion into international  markets.   A
video of the event can be found using the following link:

RPEP  owns  50%  of the equity of FLUX and receives interest at the rate of 8% per annum on  an  amount  of
£115,800 owed to it by FLUX in respect of services and cash provided to FLUX by the Company. This amount is
repayable once FLUX generates profits or at an exit event.


To assist RPEP in fulfilling its re-focused investment strategy, Chris Tidball has joined the Company as an
Advisor,  with  special  focus  on investments and M&A transactions. Profiles  of  Chris  and  the  current
Directors of the Company are included below.

Proposed Change of Name

To  reflect the re-focusing of the Company's investment strategy, the Directors are proposing to change the
Company's  name to "Milamber Ventures plc". Further information about the proposed change of name  will  be
sent to shareholders in due course.

The Directors of RPEP accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


Ronaldsway Private Equity Plc
Andy Hasoon
T: 07768 875 681

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Mark Anwyl and Heena Karani
T: 020 7469 0930

Andy Hasoon - Executive Director

Andy  has  been  involved  in technology and education companies for over 20 years.  In  1999,  he  set  up,  a  business which specialised in IT training and he was co-founder of
which was originally funded by BBC Worldwide and Venrex LLP (a specialist Venture Capital fund) and sold to
industry leader Skillsoft in 2011. He has co-authored the bestselling 'Lessons Learned' series published by
Harvard  Business School Publishing - 24 books that give expert advice on taking on and mastering  everyday
business challenges.

In  2010,  Andy  founded and became CEO of Milamber Group Limited ("Milamber"), a company  which  incubates
technology and education-focused businesses or projects.

On  his  appointment to the Board of RPEP Andy said, "Over the past 2 years, Milamber has helped  to  raise
millions  of pounds to fund companies.  In addition, Milamber has been involved in a number of mergers  and
acquisitions.  The  Milamber  team  has  secured several grants from  various  organisations  such  as  the
Technology  Strategy Board, Singapore Media Development Agency and the EU. We have put in  place  strategic
partnerships  with corporations to help accelerate and deliver growth objectives in early stage  companies.
Also,  we  have  secured equity funding from a range of sources including sophisticated  private  investors
under  the  Enterprise  Investment  Scheme  (EIS), via VCT  funds,  institutional  investors,  and  venture
capitalists  in  order  to help develop technology and education-focused businesses  or  projects.  I  look
forward to bringing this expertise to Ronaldsway Private Equity plc".

Adele Thackray - Non-executive Director

Adele has extensive UK and international experience in institutional equity sales and research, hedge   and
long-only fund marketing and investor relations for a mixture of financial boutiques and investment   banks
including  UBS (Phillips & Drew and Warburgs). She was ranked number one as a European internet analyst  at
Commerzbank  by finance directors in the 2001 Reuters Survey.  More recently Adele has worked for financial
boutiques  and  is  now a consultant for a corporate finance firm, working mainly on advising  and  raising
capital for growth companies.  Adele is a graduate of Oxford University.

Chris Tidball - Investment and M&A Specialist

Chris  has  nearly 30 years' experience in advising companies on strategy, operational issues, fund-raising
and  M&A  activities. He has a portfolio of over 200 completed transactions whether they be venture capital
or  private  equity  fundraisings, flotation's, company sales or acquisitions, covering  a  full  range  of
sectors and businesses in different stages of their development.

Chris  has  substantial  experience in early stage businesses and has been  involved  in  creating  several
companies such as Paypoint and the BBC stock footage business.

Prior to joining RPEP, Chris was a partner in Europa Partners, a 15-partner investment banking boutique  in
St James's Square and prior to that, he was a partner of Arthur Andersen and head of the UK Leisure & Media
Team. From 1993 onwards, he built up a team whose clients included United News & Media, News International,
BSkyB,  Axel  Springer Verlag and BBC Worldwide. Before Arthur Andersen, he was a main  board  director  of
Lloyds Merchant Bank, with operational responsibilities as a director of the Corporate Finance Division.

As  well  as  being  a successful and experienced corporate finance adviser, Chris has  also  been  Finance
Director for 3 years of Fantasy Island Resort a complex theme park business following a £60m transaction in
which he raised the funds and completed the buy-in. He has also been Finance Director of Your Space PLC,  a
quoted serviced offices business.

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