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June 10, 2008 11:00 ET

Stratus New Avance Software Delivers Low-Cost High Availability, Virtualization and Business Continuity

Highly Automated Software Takes Only 25 Minutes to Go From Installation to Virtual Guests

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - Stratus Technologies, Inc. opened a new chapter in high availability computing with its announcement of Stratus Avance business continuity software. Avance transforms ordinary x86 servers into highly reliable platforms that run important applications at businesses such as medical practices, retail and bank branches with 99.99 percent availability protection against crashes and data loss. Featuring embedded virtualization using Citrix XenServer engine, priced within reach of any business, simple to install and maintain, Avance provides levels of availability superior to, and without the complexity of, high-availability cluster solutions for Linux and Windows applications.

99.99 percent reliability in 15 minutes

-- Installs itself with just three commands in less than 15 minutes.

-- Point-and-click wizards to create virtual machines.

-- Designed for small and medium-sized business and distributed corporate networks.

-- $2,500 per server.

How it works

-- Avance software installed on two industry-standard x86 servers.

-- Processing takes place on one server, data simultaneously writes to a mate that seamlessly assumes processing if the primary server has a problem.

-- Self-monitoring alerts pre-defined recipients in case of predicted or actual events.

-- Remote management of physical and virtual server environment.

-- Fully native 64-bit guest support.

-- Support for up to eight virtual CPUs in each virtual machine.

-- No SAN required.

-- Embedded Citrix XenServer virtualization engine.

-- Electronic press kit, including data sheet, product brochure, Avance configuration diagram, GUI screen shots and competitive matrix.

The market view from Stratus partners

-- James Coffin, vice president and general manager, healthcare and life sciences, Dell: "With healthcare's rapid conversion to electronic patient records and services comes a heightened awareness of the importance of infrastructure reliability and data availability. Avance software on a Dell platform can satisfy a majority of a hospital's and medical practice's application availability requirements. Dell servers with Avance software will represent a new category of high availability and simplicity, with virtualization technology included for maximum flexibility. That's a value proposition any business can appreciate, not only healthcare."

-- Pierre Naudé, senior vice president and general manager, Postilion: "We found Avance software to be exceptionally reliable, simple to use and manage, and attractively priced. Plus, with the added benefits of embedded virtualization technology as standard we recognized that the Avance solution could be extremely valuable for our customers. We hold all of our solutions to high availability standards and a solution that offers a minimum of 99.99 percent reliability is the right fit for this class of availability requirements. The ability to offer customers a simple way to realize the benefits of virtualization technology can be a huge market differentiator for us."

-- Peter Levine, senior vice president and general manager, virtualization and management, Citrix Systems, Inc.: "In its new Avance software, Stratus offers a solution for an emerging market. With the Citrix XenServer engine powering the Avance software, customers can now enjoy the many business benefits of virtualization knowing that it's running securely on a highly available computing platform."

High reliability goes mainstream

-- Andy Wojcikowski, Harvard Research Group. "Based on Stratus' description of Avance software functionality and features, it looks as if Stratus will be well positioned to aggressively pursue a new, high-growth market. Given the current economic situation, the "risk-free" server consolidation message will play well in this more cost-conscious market."

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