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November 30, 2010 10:00 ET

Streamline Health and Safety Business Processes Including Ergonomic Evaluations With Cartevia

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - November 30, 2010) - National Ergonomics Conference & Expo (NECE) -- Remedy Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software solutions that help organizations prevent workplace injuries, today announced the release of Cartevía, a new software product that enables organizations to streamline and standardize health and safety processes. The first module of Cartevía, designed to automate the entire ergonomic evaluation process, allows ergonomists to eliminate time spent on administration, scheduling and paperwork, enabling them to spend valuable time preventing injuries.

How Cartevía's Ergonomic Evaluation Module Adds Value
Administering and managing ergonomic evaluations for an entire workforce can be time-intensive, inefficient and costly. Unlike other solutions, Cartevía is the first software that goes beyond simply collecting and storing ergonomic evaluation data -- the software uses business process management and team management functionality to enable key ergonomic evaluation processes across the organization.

Designed using expertise from leading ergonomists, health and safety experts in Fortune 500 companies, Remedy Interactive's Injury Prevention Council, and the company's 10 years of experience in automating injury prevention, Cartevía's ergonomic evaluation benefits and features include:

  • Increasing Administrative Efficiency -- The Administrator Dashboard provides a complete overview of all in-person evaluation activity throughout the organization, allowing a manager to see the status of all employee evaluations as well as individual record details, so that nothing falls through the cracks. Administrators can quickly and easily assign evaluations to their staff or consultants.

  • Standardizing Evaluation Processes -- Case Flow guides the relevant individuals through each step in an optimized evaluation process so that they always know where they are in the evaluation process, and what action comes next. Cartevía implements a standardized ergonomic process, thereby eliminating extraneous time-consuming processes. In addition, new evaluators can be integrated into the program seamlessly without affecting overall program quality.

  • Fostering Accountability -- The Case Scheduler automates the scheduling process for in-person evaluations, communicates tasks and deadlines to team members, and monitors completion of tasks. This creates a sense of responsibility amongst the team and consistently drives evaluations to completion.

  • Optimizing Recordkeeping -- The Ergonomics Worksheet allows an evaluator to capture and record all ergonomic evaluation information in an easy-to-use format to ensure the highest level of accuracy and prevent the loss of critical information. With a laptop, tablet computer or iPad, this form can be used during the actual evaluation, eliminating the need for transferring from paper notes to electronic records. The information can easily be shared with other stakeholders, and can be accessed at any point in the future, even after the case has been closed.

  • Adapting to Evolving Processes -- Organizations establishing a new ergonomic evaluation program, as well as organizations with tried and true processes for managing their ergonomic evaluation process, will benefit from Cartevía's flexible business process management architecture and Remedy Interactive's professional services.

"Increasingly, organizations are turning to business process management (BPM) to help them manage important functions involving a number of complex steps, stakeholders and follow-up actions, which need to be handled systematically and efficiently," said Ben Archibald, Co-Founder and Product Team Leader for Remedy Interactive. "By using BPM to streamline health and safety functions, organizations will be able to manage those business processes more efficiently and the expert staff will have more time to focus on other health and safety programs."

Cartevía is available now. Call 415-331-4646 for more information.

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