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June 08, 2007 09:15 ET

"Street Sense" Bodes Well for Holistic Training Approach

Carl Nafzger's Training Style Encourages a Clean Holistic Approach for Horse Racing

LOUISVILLE, KY--(Marketwire - June 8, 2007) - Three weeks after Carl Nafzger's "Street Sense" Derby win, all eyes are on his "green" horse, racing's organically fed dynamo. Calm and collected, "Street Sense" represents a style of training that is as good for the horse as it is for track and ultimately for the breeding shed. Nafzger's reputation dates back 17 years to his first Derby and Breeders Cup wins with "Unbridled" who went on to become a great stallion as well. Carl's career long commitment to a holistic nutritional approach to equine health and training also seems to have reaped extraordinary benefits on the track epitomized by "Street Sense."

Nutritional Science research advances and the increased emphasis on 'drug free racing' together with the step up in drug testing converge in "Street Sense" who can finally prove to both the racing and breeding industries that there are significant benefits. The introduction of extraordinary natural foods like fungi, something that Nafzger feeds in his stable are finally getting the health contributing recognition they deserve and finally have the scientific data to back up claims that have been made throughout the ages with respect to human consumption.

Mushrooms, lauded as the origin of landmark drugs like Penicillin though mostly misunderstood in the US, are a major dietary component in countries like Japan where centuries of practical experience and now significant studies have revealed an extraordinary range of health benefits. It has taken nearly two decades for mushrooms to gain a footing in the US with one-of-a-kind growers like Golden Gourmet Mushrooms (GGM) introducing Japanese cultivation techniques and many new varieties of edible and medicinal mushrooms to the US market. Located in San Marcos, near San Diego's elite horse industry and the Del Mar Race Track, it has been a decade long process of introduction and collaboration with top scientists, veterinarians, trainers, and owners who provided valuable feedback as the organic mushroom blend now used by Nafzger took shape.

Though the most notable response by horses is a calm focusing effect with improved training response, recent findings are showing great promise in other vital areas like significant improvements in fertility, decreased recovery times and bleeding, general health and complementary medicinal benefits resulting for the complex nutritional content of fungi not found in most processed horse feeds today. GGM's Mushroom Matrix ECP (Equine Calm Performance) product is the first of its kind blending of nine different pure organic mushroom varieties.

"It's taken trainers like Carl Nafzger and the extraordinary talent of a horse like 'Street Sense' to really show the potential for a much cleaner approach for the racing industry," said Marvin Hausman M.D, lead scientist at Mushroom Matrix, a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. "Drugs and steroids have really taken their toll on the industry in my opinion, especially in the breeding sheds where too many winners have turned out to be duds -- primarily related to overmedication and steroids. These approaches have denied us true champions on the track and in the breeding shed for far too long. I think Carl's success with this horse bodes well for a revitalization of a much more traditional approach to training and focus on natural science. It's happening in so many other sports, why not horse racing? It's important for the image of the sport. We need true and enduring champions."

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