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April 19, 2007 11:59 ET

StrikeForce's Distributor Netmarks Singapore Launches Campaign to Resell GuardedID® Throughout Asia

GuardedID's New "CryptoColor" Cloaks Consumer Keystroke From Online Crooks With Instant Encryption

SINGAPORE -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 19, 2007 -- Netmarks Singapore, an affiliate of Netmarks, Inc. in Tokyo, will resell StrikeForce's GuardedID Keystroke Encryption software solutions in Singapore and Asia. This announcement follows the Distributor partnership agreement inked recently between Netmarks Singapore and StrikeForce Technologies, a rapidly growing security company that specializes in software that helps prevent against Identity theft.

Earlier this month, StrikeForce Technologies (OTCBB: SKFT) announced the world's first free download of GuardedID® ( GuardedID's revolutionary instant encryption technology process with CryptoColor secures a PC user's typed keystrokes in a visible color of their choice. CryptoColor is a visual verification technology that helps solve the huge global problem of identity theft.

GuardedID's new patent pending keystroke encryption process encrypts all online keystrokes instantly as a user types. GuardedID then delivers those encrypted keystrokes via its own protected pathway, securing such things as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, credit card information, personal and banking information, email, online application personal information, or any other private/corporate information you type when online.

"When the Web browser screen is green [the default CryptoColor], the PC users' keystrokes can't be seen," said Mark Kay, CEO of StrikeForce Technologies. "Already we have some of the world's largest banks piloting the new CryptoColor version of GuardedID and we estimate that when the trials are complete, millions of customers will be under our technology's protection against cyber crooks."

InfoLab, a world-renowned testing lab, bombarded GuardedID installed at a financial institution with some of its most sophisticated spyware, and GuardedID successfully secured the keystrokes of all the data entered onto a Web browser login screen.

GuardedID emerged with flying colors. Not only did InfoLabs' attack fail, several large banks, ISP's, and even a leading identity theft prevention service provider have been trying unsuccessfully to hack it. "GuardedID has withstood all attempts," said George Waller, Executive Vice President of StrikeForce Technologies.

In the U.S. alone, an estimated 53 million identities have been stolen to date and an average of 19,000 more are stolen every day, making identity fraud by far the fastest growing crime in America, according to CIO Magazine (May 2006). Recent news stories have told of PC users losing their entire 401ks and bank accounts and suddenly getting calls from bill collectors for items they never bought online themselves -- all as a result of having their identities stolen while entering online transactions.

"To be secure in today's world means that one has to layer their approach to security," says Waller. "It wasn't long ago that one could rely on just having anti-virus software and a firewall. But times have changed, and the fraudsters have figured out how easy it is to get past both those defences, by capturing unencrypted keystrokes as they are being delivered from the keyboard to the browser. GuardedID's competitive advantage is that it encrypts each keystroke instantly when typed, then reroutes each and every keystroke to the browser bypassing the keyloggers spyware that's sitting in that computer."

"Computer security is a very complex and confusing topic," Waller continued. "We're proud to have dedicated the last six years developing products that secure corporations, government agencies and consumers. I am especially excited about our free 30-day no-obligation trial download. I really hope that everyone that uses the Internet takes advantage of this offer; it is a critical step forward in preventing identity theft."

Netmarks Singapore will immediately begin selling GuardedID products through a variety of channels. Specializing in providing customized network infrastructure services and security solutions, Netmarks is well positioned to help Strikeforce extend its products into Singapore and Asia.

"Netmarks Singapore will provide a single point of contact to customers with operations and branches in South Asia," says Ang Swee Huat, Director of Netmarks Singapore. "We will leverage on the extensive network of Netmarks, Inc. in Tokyo and various Netmarks overseas offices in Asia, and promote Strikeforce products through direct sales channels and system integrators in Singapore and the region."

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StrikeForce Technologies, a leader in solutions that helps prevent identity theft, is a company that can protect consumers, customers, partners and employees -- in real time against identity fraud. Its total protection solution strengthens companies' defenses against the biggest points of fraud -- when the Internet is accessed, when accounts are opened, when they're accessed, when they're changed, and each time there's a new transaction. StrikeForce Technologies is trading on the OTC bulletin board (SKFT) and the company is headquartered in Edison, N.J., and can be reached at or (866) 787-4542.

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