SOURCE: StrikeForce Technologies

July 19, 2006 14:46 ET

StrikeForce's GuardedID® Anti-Keylogging Solution Has Consumers & Corporations Lining Up at the Door to Purchase

EDISON, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 19, 2006 --StrikeForce Technologies (OTCBB: SKFT) announced that its anti-keylogging technology, which addresses the growing #1 online concern of identity theft, has consumers and corporations registering for early copies. The scheduled release date is in the September 2006 timeframe and will be available under the registered name of GuardedID®.

Keylogging attacks are on the rise. Latest statistics show that nearly one in five organizations have been hit this year by a keylogging attack. "StrikeForce is addressing the #1 online concern: identity theft," said Avivah Litan, vice president and research director for Gartner. "Companies need to safeguard consumer trust -- especially if they want to drive more transactions online." According to the SANS Institute, the non-profit security research organization, nearly 10 million households have at least one system infected by a keylogging program. According to a recent article in (June 21, 2006) data theft affects 88 million-plus Americans. There are an estimated one billion consumers online globally, many of which make online payments who would therefore be potential users of our GuardedID product to protect their identities. "This could potentially mean millions in revenues," said Mark Kay, CEO of StrikeForce Technologies.

Keyloggers reap havoc by installing themselves on your computer without your knowledge for one purpose only, to steal your personal and financial information. Thieves do this by copying each and every keystroke as you type. These keyloggers copy information like your bank's URL, your username & password, your credit card numbers, your social security number and any other information an identity thief is looking to steal. While most of the information they steal is personal in nature, there's been a significant increase in corporate data fraud, as well as child predators using keyloggers as the weapon of choice.

StrikeForce's GuardedID is an anti-keylogging solution that gets downloaded directly into your browser (i.e. Windows Explorer) as a toolbar, making all confidential information invisible to would-be thieves' prying eyes. GuardedID works by encrypting each and every keystroke the instant that you type it, then delivering those encrypted keystrokes directly to the browser through its own Patent Pending secure channel. GuardedID should even secure you if your system is already infected with multiple keylogging programs. GuardedID is designed to help protect anyone that shops, banks, emails or surfs online.

"StrikeForce has developed a very exciting go-to-market strategy for GuardedID, and distribution plans are in place and ready to go," says Mark L. Kay, CEO . For consumer purchases, StrikeForce is launching a easy to navigate "one-of-a-kind" consumer website that protects the consumer's personal information and credit card information by downloading a one-time browser version of GuardedID. "The ability to launch an anti-keylogger and protect the consumer's personal and financial transaction information in real-time over the internet is an unprecedented first for both StrikeForce and the transaction industry," says Ted Svoronos, VP of eCommerce for StrikeForce. "Any website that offers ecommerce transactions or collects personal information should be using our real-time session edition," says Svoronos.

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StrikeForce Technologies, a leader in solutions that helps prevent identity theft, is a company that can protect customers, partners and employees -- in real time against identity fraud. Its total protection solution strengthens companies' defenses against the biggest points of fraud -- when accounts are opened, when they're accessed, when they're changed, and each time there's a new transaction. StrikeForce Technologies is trading on the OTC bulletin board (SKFT) and the company is headquartered in Edison, N.J., and can be reached at or (866) 787-4542.

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