June 13, 2006 09:00 ET

StubHub FanStats(SM) -- MLB Interleague Appeal Creates Huge Ticket Demand

Ticket Marketplace Ranks the Hottest MLB Interleague Match-Ups

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 13, 2006 -- With the 2006 season in full-swing, fans are revving up for the second round of Interleague play which begins Friday, June 16th.

Now in its tenth season, Interleague baseball has given fans the opportunity to see opponents they normally cannot, which in turn, creates a greater demand for tickets. Often, the most popular series are between natural rivals in metropolitan areas, notably New York's Yankees (American League) vs. Mets (National League), Chicago' s White Sox (American League) and Cubs (National League), and the Boston Red Sox versus their closest Interleague rival, the Philadelphia Phillies. In addition to their natural rivals, teams this season will also play their divisional counterparts -- AL West vs. NL West, AL Central vs. NL Central, and AL East vs. NL East.

The first round of Interleague play had its share of excitement, including history in Oakland with Barry Bonds' 714th HR and a major league brawl in Chicago. People unable to purchase tickets to these series at the box office turned to StubHub, the fan's ticket marketplace, who now reveals the top selling games of Interleague play based on total tickets sold on the secondary market leader. The average price per ticket for each game is also listed:

STUBHUB TOP 5 INTERLEAGUE SERIES - ROUND 1 (May 19 - 21)       Avg. Price

1.  Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies                     $   57
2.  New York Yankees at New York Mets (aka "Subway Series")     $  102
3.  Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox (aka "Crosstown
    Classic")                                                   $  100
4.  Los Angeles Angels at Los Angeles Dodgers (aka "Freeway
    Series")                                                    $   40
5.  San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics (aka "Bay
    Bridge Series")                                             $   60
"The first round of Interleague play stirred excitement across the nation. On a per-game average, the 45 match-ups created a ticket demand nearly doubling that of all 613 prior intraleague games," said Jeff Fluhr, founder and CEO. "Through StubHub's online marketplace, fans had access to a variety of tickets and were able to secure the seats they wanted without the hassle of sold out box offices."

The remainder of Interleague play is sure to set off even more fireworks. According to the buying demand at StubHub, tickets to the following upcoming series are the most popular:

STUBHUB TOP 10 INTERLEAGUE SERIES (June 16 - July 2)            Avg. Price

1.  New York Mets at New York Yankees (June 30 - July 2)        $   79
2.  Detroit Tigers at Chicago Cubs (June 16 - June 18)          $   81
3.  New York Yankees at Philadelphia Phillies
    (June 19 - June 21)                                         $   73
4.  New York Mets at Boston Red Sox (June 27 - June 29)         $  107
5.  Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs (June 30 - July 2)        $  108
6.  Philadelphia Phillies at Boston Red Sox
    (June 23 - June 25)                                         $  104
7.  Atlanta Braves at New York Yankees (June 26 - June 28)      $   62
8.  Washington Nationals at Boston Red Sox
    (June 19 - June 21)                                         $   78
9.  New York Yankees at Washington Nationals
    (June 16 - June 18)                                         $   63
10. Boston Red Sox at Atlanta Braves (June 16 - June 18)        $   63
More FanStats Tidbits:

-- So far, the combined six game "Subway Series" in New York has yielded the greatest ticket demand for Interleague play, as it also did in 2005.

-- Similar to the 2005 season, the greatest ticket demand for six-game series are as follows: 1) "Subway Series" 2) Red Sox/ Phillies 3) "Crosstown Classic"

-- The Boston Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies series in the first round sold nearly six times the number of tickets as the #5 game -- the "Bay Bridge Series" in Oakland.

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