March 07, 2007 09:00 ET

StubHub FanStatsSM-NHL Hockey Ticket Sales Thriving in the Secondary Market

StubHub Marketplace Shows Stellar Demand for Older Teams and Traditional Rivalries

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(CCNMatthews - March 07, 2007) - The 89th regular season of the National Hockey League™ is in the home stretch and the playoffs are within reach for more than half the teams in the league. The tight race for the last few spots in each conference have stirred up excitement across the nation as fans have aggressively purchased tickets on StubHub, the fan's ticket marketplace.

With the success of the NHL franchises founded in recent years, notably the reigning Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes, assumptions might be made that the ticket demand skews with on-ice success. However, after analyzing current sales data, StubHub has found that there is no substitute for tradition and fans still choose to pay the most money to watch the long-established franchises and key rivalries. This information is displayed in two newly released lists from StubHub -- NHL's Top Ticket Powerhouses and NHL's Most Heated Rivalries.

The NHL's Top Ticket Powerhouses list ranks StubHub's top ten teams based on the average price (US Dollars) fans have paid to attend their team's home games. The majority of the list is comprised of long-time franchises, including four of the "Original Six." Interestingly, the top five spots are occupied by Canadian teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs, battling for the eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, top the list with the steepest average price in the league at $183 per ticket. The Edmonton Oilers rank second at $120, closely followed by the Northwest Division leading Vancouver Canucks at $118. The Carolina Hurricanes, ranked eight, are the southern most located team in the list while the ninth-ranked Minnesota Wild are the only team with less than ten years of history. The list follows:

NHL's Top Ticket Powerhouses (data as of March 6)

Per Ticket Price
Team (US Dollars)
---- ------------
1. Toronto Maple Leafs $183
2. Edmonton Oilers $120
3. Vancouver Canucks $118
4. Calgary Flames $113
5. Montreal Canadiens $103
6. New Jersey Devils $ 95
7. Detroit Red Wings $ 93
8. Carolina Hurricanes $ 90
9. Minnesota Wild $ 90
10. New York Rangers $ 89

The NHL's Most Heated Rivalries list identifies the ten hottest rivalry games sold on StubHub, ranked in descending order by the average ticket price per series (US Dollars). This amount is the average price paid to watch each match-up between both teams throughout the season. The deep-rooted rivalry between two of the "Original Six" -- Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens -- is the series in highest demand, averaging $176 per ticket. The next two rivalries are also made up of traditional rivalries between Canadian teams, with the Battle of Ontario and the Battle of Alberta, commanding $154 and $146 respectively. The list follows:

NHL's Most Heated Rivalries (data as of March 6)

Per Ticket Price
Rivalry (US Dollars)
------- ------------
1. Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens $176
2. Battle of Ontario $154
(Ottawa Senators vs. Toronto Maple Leafs)
3. Battle of Alberta $146
(Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames)
4. New York Islanders vs. New York Rangers $104
5. Hudson River Rivalry $ 99
(New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers)
6. Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings $ 98
7. Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens $ 89
8. Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Rangers $ 87
9. Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils $ 80
10. St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks $ 77

"Legacy teams in the NHL have extremely strong and loyal followings that often result in regular sellouts and difficulty finding good seats," said Mike Janes, StubHub VP of Marketing. "The sport's devout Canadian fan base has consistently put their teams in the highest demand on StubHub."

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