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StubHub FanStats(SM) - StubHub's 2007 NBA Top Dollar Ballers

Shaq/Wade Duo Top List of NBA's Biggest Draws for Second Year in a Row

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 14, 2007 -- The 56th NBA All-Star game makes its first visit to Las Vegas this Sunday and 24 All-Stars have been chosen via fan and league voting to represent their home teams. While popularity is a great indicator of superstar status, StubHub has found that fans continue to use a different method to show interest in their favorite players: their pocketbooks.

All season long, fans in every NBA city buy and sell tickets on the StubHub marketplace, effectively setting the true market value for the thrill of watching the league's superstars perform. Naturally these stars consistently draw well in front of their hometown fans, so the real measure of their popularity is the resale value of their tickets on the road. StubHub has analyzed transactions from its vast customer base to discover which NBA superstars are commanding the highest dollars at the secondary box office.

The Top Dollar Ballers list is determined simply by calculating each superstar's team's average road game ticket price on StubHub for the first half of the NBA season. In a few situations a team boasts two bonafied superstars and therefore each player shares the respective ranking.

"The NBA is a star-driven league," said StubHub Senior VP Mike Janes. "While team rivalries do exist, many of today's NBA fans are most motivated to see the league's most exciting individual players. Fans will pay substantial amounts to see these true 'money players' in their town, and our data quantifies the ones they are paying the most to see."

The StubHub Top Dollar Ballers team contains twenty of the hottest superstars in the NBA from the 2006 Finals MVP Dwayne Wade to rising star Dwight Howard, the first overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft. Leading the pack for the second year in a row is the Miami Heat superstar Wade, who has solely driven most of the first half demand as his teammate Shaq O'Neal has missed a majority of the season. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs checks in at the number two position moving up two spots from fourth in 2006. The Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James, who continues to thrill fans with his all-around game, rounds out the top three. The list follows:

StubHub's 2007 NBA Top Dollar Ballers (data as of February 13)

                                                Avg. Road   2006 Ranking/
All-Star(s)             Team                      Price    Avg. Road Price
-----------             ----                    ---------  ---------------
1. Dwayne Wade/
   (Shaquille O’Neal)*  Miami Heat              $ 105.80   1 ($115.26)
2. Tim Duncan           San Antonio Spurs       $ 103.67   4 ($97.00)
3. LeBron James         Cleveland Cavaliers     $ 102.28   3 ($98.78)
4. Kobe Bryant          Los Angeles Lakers      $ 101.97   2 ($114.00)
5. Dirk Nowitski        Dallas Mavericks        $  90.35   9 ($86.40)
6. Steve Nash/
    Amare Stoudemire    Phoenix Suns            $  90.28   8 ($88.00) **
7. Carmelo Anthony/                                        13, 5 ($82.21,
    Allen Iverson       Denver Nuggets          $  86.86   $96.66) ***
8. Yao Ming/
    Tracy McGrady       Houston Rockets         $  85.41   7 ($90.52)
9. Vince Carter/
    Jason Kidd          New Jersey Nets         $  81.73   6 ($91.26)
10. Dwight Howard       Orlando Magic           $  80.77   NR
11. Kevin Garnett       Minnesota Timberwolves  $  77.67   12 ($82.47)
12. Gilbert Arenas      Washington Wizards      $  76.61   14 ($81.62)
13. Jermaine O’Neal     Indiana Pacers          $  74.90   NR
14. Chris Bosh          Toronto Raptors         $  70.37   NR
15. Baron Davis         Golden State Warriors   $  66.32   NR

*  Shaquille O’Neal played 12 games in the first half of the season
** Amare Stoudemire was not included in the 2006 list, but Steve Nash and
   the Phoenix Suns ranked #8
*** Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony were ranked separately in 2006 as
    Iverson was a Philadelphia 76er
StubHub NBA All-Star Game Data
-- The 2007 NBA All-Star Game is the best-selling Las Vegas event in
   StubHub company history, based on total gross sales.

-- The average ticket selling price for the 2007 NBA All-Star Game is
   currently $3,578

        o The least expensive ticket sold has been $1,412 for the Upper
          Level Baseline
        o The most expensive ticket sold has been $16,113 per ticket for
          the Lower Level Center. This is the highest value ticket sold in
          the history of StubHub.

-- Fans all across the country will be in attendance, as buyers from 17
   states have already purchased 2007 NBA All-Star Game tickets on
   StubHub. The top five in order are:

        o California – 23%
        o Nevada – 15%
        o Georgia – 13%
        o Arizona – 5%
        o Illinois – 5%
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