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December 09, 2010 06:45 ET

Student Protests and UK Leadership Concerns for Jesse Young CEO of the Per DM Group

With Students protesting and the FSA resisting a less than united government at a time when the nation is expected to pull together should the nation and business be concerned asks Jesse Young CEO of the Per DM Group.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 9, 2010) - While the UK freezes in one of the worst pre-Christmas weather conditions in 100 years, we have a dysfunctional government during the worst economic crisis in generations. Jesse Young of Per DM Group, one of the UK's top outsource sales companies asks: "Where is the leadership we expect and should we be afraid?"

There is speculation that we are on the edge of the abyss of nationwide social unrest as we begin to see the first signs of anti government protests on our streets. So far the media and the politicians have managed to deflect the seriousness of the recent student marches away from the real issues. "These students are our future politicians, business leaders, teachers, professionals and doctors," says Jesse Young. "Why are they not taking them seriously?"

As history shows revolution in societies has often started from student unrest. This is a clear indication of social change moving in a direction resulting in confrontation between the present and the future of our society. Whichever way you look at it we should be very afraid, as this is only the tip of the iceberg. We all know deep down that there are other disaffected groups observing and planning their own strategy for protest, waiting and biding their time. It's all about timing. Private businesses like Per DM Group who are trying to create a new path for students and graduates to follow can see that companies will suffer through individuals believing that there is no future for them in the UK and will seek to find opportunities abroad.

"Where is the strong decisive government that we were promised?" asks Jesse Young CEO of Per DM Group. "Worryingly we understand that the coalition parties are split on the issues of tuition fees. Is this the first of many divisive disagreements we can expect?"

Student protests apart we are also depressingly reading that the banks are continuing to squeeze any new entrants out of their market by sharing data among themselves and operating a 'cartel' according to Benny Higgins CEO of Tesco Bank. When the nation is crying out for alternatives to the existing banks we see them using their power to their own ends and operating protectionist policies. Preventing competition is anti competitive and unhealthy.

The nation bailed out RBS and the Financial Services Authority, a watchdog created to protect investors and businesses, has recently decided not to publish a report into the failure of that bank. An astonished Business Secretary Vince Cable wrote to the Chairman of the FSA Lord Turner to state: "In my current ministerial role, I have overall responsibility for corporate governance…if you are reluctant to make the report public perhaps we could meet, to discuss what lessons might be learned."

Where is the strength in our government when the minister responsible for business has no power to force a report by authority on a bank that has cost the UK tax payers billions of pounds to make its findings public?

"If all companies operated on a need to know basis with our government and its departments, particularly the HMRC we would be in an even sorrier state" remarked Jesse Young.

All of the above are not disconnected. Each is significant in that they demonstrate the weakness of our politicians and their reluctance to be firm but fair.

The UK public deserve better and expect better if we are all to pull together.

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