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March 14, 2014 09:00 ET

Students See the Real Impact of Impaired Driving In Presentation from MADD Canada and NB Liquor

School Assembly Program educates teens about the dangers of impaired driving

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 14, 2014) - MADD Canada and NB Liquor are reaching out to New Brunswick students with a powerful new presentation which shows the devastating impact of impaired driving.

The program, titled Impact, shows Natalie, Pierre and Corinne ditching a school dance to go to a house party with Jonathan. Once there, Natalie drinks too much and when Jonathan, who has also been drinking, leaves the party to get pot, a drunken Natalie makes the terrible decision to go with him. Pierre does everything he can to stop Natalie from getting in the car but she won't listen. Corinne calls 911 and then she and Pierre get in her car to follow their friend. What happens next is a nightmare that none of the young friends could ever have imagined.

Impact is the second entirely French production for MADD Canada's School Assembly Program. It is being highlighted today with a special screening for students and staff of École L'Odyssée in Moncton. The event is hosted in partnership with NB Liquor, which has been instrumental in the production and delivery of MADD Canada's French language School Assembly Programs. A total of 50 presentations of Impact, and the English language program, Smashed, are being sponsored by NB Liquor.

"We strive to present students with scenarios that are realistic; scenarios they can picture themselves and their friends in," said MADD Canada Chapter Services Manager Marie Claude Morin. "We ask them to think about the choices made, and what they and their friends could do differently to protect themselves from the risk of impaired driving."

Teens and young adults are over-represented in impaired driving crashes. In 2010, 16-25 year olds constituted only 13.6 per cent of the population, but accounted for nearly 33.4 per cent of all alcohol-related crash deaths. MADD Canada's School Assembly Program gets young people thinking about the dangers of impaired driving and reinforces the fact that every single death and injury caused by impaired driving is preventable.

"NB Liquor is proud to partner with MADD Canada to educate New Brunswick students about the dangers of impaired driving," said Brian Harriman, President and Chief Executive Officer of NB Liquor. "This vivid and moving presentation will help young people understand that they each have the power to prevent impaired driving."

Following the fictional story of Natalie, Pierre and Corinne, students see the compelling stories of three real-life victims of impaired driving:

  • Caroline Fortier was only 17 years old when she was killed. She was a passenger in a car being driven by an acquaintance who was impaired and speeding.

  • Nadia Pruneau was the other passenger in the car with Caroline. She was killed on her 18th birthday.

  • Seventeen-year-old Nicholas Antonelli was celebrating a friend's birthday with family and friends. While walking home, he was hit head on by an impaired driver who had been at the same party.

The School Assembly Program has been a cornerstone of MADD Canada's youth services since 1994. The presentations are well-received by young people and positively impact their behaviour. In a 2012-2013 survey, those students who saw the program were more likely to say it is not okay to drink any amount before driving; that marijuana use will make someone drive a lot worse; and that those who drive while impaired will face serious consequences. Equally important, the message is being retained. In a follow-up survey three months later, the anti-impaired driving attitudes expressed by students was at the same or higher levels than it was immediately following the presentation. Further, the follow-up survey showed a higher number of students who said they planned ahead before going to parties where drugs or alcohol may be present, compared to the national baseline survey. Students were also less likely to have recently accepted a ride from someone who was impaired.

Approximately one million students across Canada will see Impact and Smashed during the 2013-2014 school year. For more information, or to check out a clip from Impact, please visit our School Assembly Program page in our Youth Services section on the MADD Canada web site at

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