December 21, 2010 11:58 ET

StudioEX Receives $1.9 Million in Funding From Prominent International Private Investors

Beta of Their First Game -- Galaxy X -- Launches on World's Largest Social Network

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 21, 2010) - Founded in 2009, StudioEX is a leading global developer of browser-based games for the Windows and Mac platforms. StudioEX is part of the Camelot Media Investments (CMI) Media Group, which was also established in 2009 with $1.9 million in funding from private investors around the world. StudioEX recently launched the beta version of its first game -- Galaxy X -- on Facebook, and is a turn-based ballistic action game. Galaxy X sets the bar in the free-to-play browser market, including a sophisticated social experience, proven micro-transaction system, and immediacy of access through any personal Web browser.

"With the beta launch of Galaxy X on Facebook, we're outreaching to potentially millions of gamers out there," said Anthony Gaud, Creative Director of StudioEX. "Our priority is to deliver the best game and user-friendly experience we possibly can. Getting feedback from Galaxy X's beta testers and applying that feedback to the game before its early 2011commercial launch is imperative to us."

Galaxy X begins with the Groob, a race of aliens from Pluto who have taken over all of Earth's major cities in the first six months since their interplanetary invasion first began. As the total annihilation of Earth approaches, Groob spies are discovering that Earth scientists have been secretly developing a weapon to neutralize the Groob's seemingly unstoppable technology. The Groob military is sending three of its most veteran and skilled soldiers on a mission to find and destroy this secret weapon, and pave the way for Pluto's complete victory; it's like War of the World meets Worms.

Specific gameplay features include:

  • Single-player and Multi-player modes
  • Dynamic mode: Players can move, shoot and dodge enemy shots in real-time
  • Upgrades: Players can buy and upgrade weaponry and defensive items
  • Campaign: The story of the Groob invasion unfolds as gamers battle a series of bosses

To find out more or to play the beta version of Galaxy X on Facebook, please visit

About StudioEX:
StudioEX is an online game company comprised of high-profile executives from the American entertainment and Korean free-to-play gaming industries. Aiming to develop and deliver the most accessible, compelling and immersive browser-based MMO and online games to the North American market, StudioEX has more than 40 years of combined executive experience in global online game development and operations, as well as intellectual property creation and management.