SOURCE: Simply Measured, Inc.

Simply Measured, Inc.

December 16, 2014 11:01 ET

Study: Facebook Gives Brands More User Engagement Than Any Other Network

Simply Measured Study Finds More Users Interact, Engage With Branded Pages on the Leading Social Network

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - December 16, 2014) - Simply Measured, the leading social analytics platform, today released their Q3 2014 Facebook Study measuring brand activity on the network using the Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands over a three-month period. According to data from Simply Measured, Facebook adoption is almost 100 percent among the top global brands. Nearly all have a presence on the network and use their page to interact with fans. Strong adoption suggests Facebook is a universal staple of social marketing, with top brands engaging audiences across the board regardless of business type or industry.

The Simply Measured study showed users flock to brand pages on Facebook. The 100 companies included in the study have amassed a collective 1.1 billion fans, and 77 percent of the companies have individual audiences of greater than a million fans. Sixteen percent of those measured had more than 20 million fans. In the study analysis, Simply Measured notes that Facebook is the oldest of the large social networks, with established standards and marketing best practices. And, due to its longevity as a marketing tool for companies, audiences are used to branded content, leading to willingness to become fans of brand pages.

Key findings from the study include:

Brands post regularly on Facebook. The Interbrand 100 Top Global companies average 10 posts per week, and 65 percent of the top brands post an average of five times a week or more. Forty-four percent of Interbrand companies post 5-10 times per week; only five brands posted more than 30 times per week. While some top companies (such as MTV) post an incredible amount of content, a large number of companies have found a moderate cadence works best.

Pictures are the most successful content type. Photos account for 62 percent of all brand posts and are responsible for 77 percent of total engagement. The actual number of posts featuring photos has dropped since the same time last year, down from 75 percent, as companies start to utilize links and rely less on visual content. Link usage has grown from 13 percent to 27 percent of all brand posts, and from one percent to 16 percent of total engagement. This signals people utilizing more diverse tactics to garner engagement than they did a year ago.

Restaurants see the highest engagement per post. While the total number of brands measured in the restaurant segment was smaller than other industries, the engagement per post on restaurant brand content was higher than average. The four restaurants measured in the Top Global Brands averaged 20,636 engagements per post. The automotive industry is the best represented on the list with 14 brands, however their average interaction was 9,725 engagements per post.

Successful brands keep things short. Brand status updates on Facebook tend to stay between 75 and 175 characters; only 7 percent of updates contain more than 300 characters. Brands are cognizant of the short attention span on social media and craft their responses accordingly, letting the more visual components drive success.

"Facebook has always been an important social media platform for brands, and that brand loyalty has continued to grow over the last year," says Michael Thomason, Marketing Analyst for Simply Measured. "We've seen an increase in the number of top brands marketing on Facebook, as well as more sophistication to their techniques, leading to much greater user engagement. Interactions between brands and fans are happening more frequently now than in the past."

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