SOURCE: Transact Energy Corp

December 03, 2014 09:00 ET

Study Finds Transact Z.E.W.O.P. in Balance

Fichtner Engineering Mass & Energy Analysis Critical to Emissions Free Status

SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2014) - Transact Energy Corp. (OTCQB: TEGY) announced today as part of its continuing disclosure of the Fichtner Consulting Engineer Phase 1 Engineering Review the results of the Mass & Energy Balance study. The purpose of the study was to match the incoming feedstock, and consumables used to process that feedstock, to the outgoing production streams, with elimination of all possible emissions. Should 1500 metric tons of stock and additives go in to the plant, then 1500 metric tons of products or emissions have to come out. To simplify the mass of one must match the mass of the other. In the TransAct Z.E.W.O.P.TM case there can be no emissions so the outgoing mass must equal the products.

The current Z.E.W.O.P.TM is designed for 1320 metric tons of waste per day with 246 metric tons of additives; an estimated gross of 1566 metric tons. The plant will produce daily approximately 6.42 tonnes of 99% pure acetic acid, 15.7 tonnes of alkanes, 16 tonnes of aluminum, 149.16 tonnes of brick mix, 93.6 tonnes of carbon black (96-98% pure), 46.99 tonnes of cullet, 19.3 tonnes of diesel, 41.6 tonnes of ethanol, 45 tonnes of ferrous metals, 111.57 tonnes of fertilizer, 3.7 tonnes of furfural, 23.9 tonnes of levoglucosan, 9.4 tonnes of lubricating oil, 1.11 tonnes of rare earth metals, 215.8 tonnes of phenol resins, 31.5 tonnes of wax (cosmetics grade), 57.08 tonnes of wax (paraffin grade) and 678.17 tonnes of distilled water.

The energy required to process the feedstock through to end products is calculated as a function of the electricity used by each piece of equipment in the process and estimated at 55 MW per day. TransAct's Z.E.W.O.P.TM is designed to use alternative sources of energy where practical, including solar, wind, geothermal and thermoelectric to cover or significantly offset all energy requirements.

"The Mass & Energy Balance study was at the heart of the work we did with Fichtner Engineering," says Rod Bartlett, CEO and President of TransAct Energy Corp. "Accounting for every tonne is critical to proving the emissions free status of the plant. However, more important to us is proving we could turn every tonne of garbage into useable commercial products. As each product/commodity produced is made from waste, without emissions and where possible with sustainable energy, we believe we can categorize these products as truly 'Green,' and we will make every effort to have each product, certified Green in order to give it priority over competing non-green equivalents."

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About TransAct Energy Corp.

TransAct Energy Corp. is a Nevada organized company trading on the OTCQB as TEGY. TransAct has set out to eliminate the impact of humans waste on the environment by capturing all of the resources in our refuse using innovations in process and technology. We do this by developing and implementing technologies that provide useable energy in sustainable ways.

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