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November 14, 2011 02:30 ET

Study of Student Life Reveals Boys Miss Their Mums, but Girls Travel Home More Often

A Study of 1000 Freshers has Revealed Boys Miss Their Mums More Than Girls, but Females Are More Likely to Travel Home Within Two Weeks of Starting University

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 14, 2011) - The stats emerged following a survey by National Express who polled 1,000 students across the country to help launch their Young Persons Coachcard.

The realities of student life, in particular the absence of cooked meals and chats with mum, mean almost half the students polled were surprised by how much they missed home during their first term. People studying in Belfast, Southampton and Glasgow topped the homesick list, while people in Brighton and the Midlands missed home the least.

Overall women are more likely to enjoy the opportunity to look after themselves but men miss the creature comforts of living with mum and dad. Despite this a third of girls travelled home within the first two weeks - with boys making the trip just once or twice a term.

Despite the widespread homesickness the vast majority of students travel home less than three times per term, with two thirds saying they can't afford to travel as much as they'd like.

Jagruti Kundalia from National Express said: "Being independent and making new friends is an exciting part of university, but there are times when everyone needs home comforts - making affordable transport links essential.

"Worryingly two thirds of students said lack of money prevented them going home as often as they'd like. To help reduce the cost of going home we're offering students discounted travel through our Young Persons Coachcard. It costs £10 per year and can be used at anytime, including Christmas and half term, which tend to be the busiest and most expensive travel period for students."

National Express has seen sales of its Young Persons Coachcard double compared to the same period last year as students clamber for the best travel deals. For £10 per year the Coachcard offers discounted travel across hundreds of routes and is available to everyone aged 16 to 26 or in full time education.

When asked what they missed home male students were more likely to choose mum's cooking, with nearly a third said they would travel back home just for a nice home cooked meal. They were also more likely to miss living in a house with a fully stocked fridge and cupboards.

In comparison girls were most likely to miss having someone to help them get their washing and ironing done and more likely to wish their mum was still around to change their bed sheets.

National Express' Young Person Coach Card costs £10 and offers up to 30% off coach travel across England, Scotland and Wales for 12 months. It's available to anyone aged 16 to 26 or in full time education and can be purchased at any National Express outlet or from the website:

Examples of the travel savings available with the Young Persons Coachcard:

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