SOURCE: Jirafe


October 23, 2012 12:15 ET

Study Reveals CA, NY, FL, TX, PA, GA and IL Make Up 52% of America's Online Shopping

AK, ID, HI and WY Spend More on Each Purchase

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Oct 23, 2012) - Jirafe, the leading e-commerce intelligence company, has completed a study of the online spending habits of over 97 million American shoppers.

The study, covering August 1, 2011 to August 1, 2012, found that shoppers in California made up 13.3% of America's online purchases, spending an average of $123 on each transaction. Shoppers in New York State (including New York City) made up 8.5% of purchases and spent on average $107 per transaction.

These states were followed by Florida (6.3%, $125 per transaction), Texas (6.2%, $103 per transaction), Pennsylvania (5.7%, $121 per transaction), Illinois (4.5%, $116 per transaction) and Georgia, a state that made up for 4.2% of America's online shopping but spent only an average of $63 per purchase.

Conversely, Alaska only made up 0.3% of America's online shopping, but their average transaction size was $160. Idaho, with its 1.5 million residents, made up for only 0.65% of American online shopping, but on average spent $156 per transaction. The least-active states were South Dakota (0.18%, $97 per transaction), North Dakota (0.21%, $118 per transaction) and Vermont (0.22%, $88 per transaction).

"Our study found that sparsely-populated states such as Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii [0.4%, $144PT] and Wyoming [0.2%, $130PT] tend to make higher purchases online, perhaps making up for the distance between residential areas and larger stores with the convenience of online shopping," said Ken Huang, Chief Data Ninja at Jirafe.

The study also broke down the diverse spending patterns of each state, focusing on the categories: Auto Parts, Beauty, Child Clothing, Electronics, Fashion, Food and Drink, Furniture, Health, Jewelry, Military Gear, Perfume and Pets. For example, Florida spent the most on auto parts and accessories, an average of $518 a transaction and accounted for 30% of sales in the category. California bought more fashion items, accounting for 16% of fashion sales, while New York only accounted for 13% -- however, New York spent far more per transaction ($169 versus $137 in CA).

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