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February 16, 2016 10:00 ET

STUDY: San Francisco Named Top Foodie City in the U.S.

Infogroup Identifies Top 10 Foodie Cities by Measuring Six Different Representations of a "Foodie" Market in a New Study

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwired - February 16, 2016) -  California is home to three of the top 10 foodie cities in the United States, according to a new study by Infogroup. By measuring six indicators from their business and consumer database Infogroup has identified where the country's biggest foodies live. 

After defining a foodie city using consumer preferences and business frequency for eating in and dining out, Infogroup used its verified business database of more than 17 million records and consumer database of more than 235 million individual records to identify the cities with the highest "foodie score." 

"Eating in" indicators included three factors. The first one is a TargetReady Model pinpointing a consumer preference of cooking for fun model (measured from responses to an external consumer survey). The second factor is identifying high-end, specialty, and organic grocers per 10,000 residents. Finally, the third factor is measuring the percentage of grocers that are high-end, specialty and organic. Although seemingly similar, Infogroup made the distinction between the second and third indicators to account for cities that have an unusually high number of grocery stores.

"Dining out" indicators included a Model demonstrating consumers' propensity to eat at fine dining restaurants as opposed to fast food or family dining chains (measured from responses to an external consumer survey), single location restaurants per 10,000 residents, and percentage of restaurants that are single location.

After compiling these factors, Infogroup ranked the following as the top 10 foodie cities in the U.S.:

1. San Francisco, CA
2. Santa Cruz, CA
2. Bridgeport, CT (Tied with Santa Cruz, CA)
4. Barnstable, MA
5. Ocean City, NJ
6. Boulder, CO
7. Santa Fe, NM
8. Trenton, NJ
9. New York City, NY
10. Santa Rosa, CA

Tourists from across the country travel to San Francisco to go on dedicated local restaurant tours. A strong showing in the top five for both measures of grocers and a top 10 finish in the Dining Propensity Model pushed the city over the top as the nation's Top Foodie City. This is further demonstrated in the TargetReady Models, which show a high consumer preference for specialty organic stores.

"We are continually interested in identifying and analyzing the most valuable business and consumer trends, which led us to the question, 'Where do foodies live?'" said Mike Iaccarino, chairman and CEO of Infogroup. "Our hope is that not only will people consider this information as they're deciding where to live, but also that restaurant and businesses owners will consider this information as a trusted source when planning their next opening."

To get a better idea of what a foodie city looks like, Infogroup investigated the most positively related business occupations to high "foodie scores." The top five positive correlations were yoga instructors, real estate management, graphic designers, architects, and website design service. 

Infogroup also analyzed other consumer attitudes and behaviors that may be related to foodies, along with the TargetReady Cook for Fun Model. Top TargetReady Models include foreign travel for vacation, frequent business travelers, heavy Internet buyers, online investment trading, and higher educations. This indicates foodie cities are comprised in large part by young and wealthy residents.

"Using our verified business and consumer database, our team did a deep analysis of our definition of a foodie and honed in on the unique characteristics that make up a foodie city," furthered Matt Graves, Chief Data Officer at Infogroup. "We compared millions of data points across hundreds of categories to identify where people live that love to cook, value specialty and organic groceries, and enjoy eating out at high-end, locally-owned restaurants."

To read more about Infogroup's Top 10 U.S. Foodie Cities data study, click here.

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