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March 31, 2015 08:16 ET

Study Shows Teachers Who Practice Stress Relief See 20 Percent Improvement in Stress Levels

Boulder Valley School District Teachers Use DeStressify to Bring Focus and Calm to the Classroom and Daily Life

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2015) - It is no surprise teachers of all levels experience stress. From changes in curriculum to the daily stress of managing a classroom to external factors, educators are surrounded by stressors. In fact, according to the Gallup State of America's Schools report, nearly half of all K-12 teachers report daily stress.

To help teachers better manage their stress inside (and outside) the classroom, today Stress Refuge announces the launch of DeStressify, an app that helps people with overwhelmed, busy lives achieve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The app, which operates on Apple and Android devices, is offered free of charge to anyone employed by a school district, school, college, university or other educational organization.

"Teachers play an enormous role in shaping our future generations, and it's a stressful job," said Theresa Fox, president and CEO of DeStressify. "That's why we decided to give this app to educators at no charge; to help them better manage their stress, and in turn, their classrooms."

DeStressify is a comprehensive tool that offers educators simple strategies to tackle job-related stress and burnout. The app gives users 10-minute activities they can do once a day, including breathing, physical activity, self-care and visualization, among others. Activities are designed to help educators decompress and reenergize.

In a recent study, Colorado's Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) partnered with Stress Refuge to help BVSD faculty reduce stress. Teachers who used DeStressify experienced a reduction in stress level by an average of 20 percent. Those who did not use the app reported a less than 6 percent reduction in stress. Additionally, nearly 43 percent of those who actively utilized DeStressify saw drastic improvements in stress levels.

"Teachers are under a lot of pressure," said Bob Jamieson, benefits director at Boulder Valley School District. "This case study reveals that teachers who are cognizant of their stress and spend just 10 minutes a day to destressify experience a lower level of stress."

In return, teachers using DeStressify may experience a happier classroom and personal life. Other known benefits of stress reduction include improving employee retention and presenteeism, leading to better consistency for students. Additionally, educators are better able to address classroom challenges and DeStressify helps to improve professional satisfaction, helping educators focus on teaching.

"The 5- to 10-minute exercises fit into anyone's schedule and take me away from a stressful state almost as soon as I start focusing on my breath," one BVSD study participant reflected.

"It's an easy way to encourage yourself to just take a few minutes each day to de-stress and to remember what's important in life," another participant noted.

Education organizations can gain access to this simple -- and free -- wellness initiative by contacting Stress Refuge at

About DeStressify 
DeStressify, by Stress Refuge, Inc., is the simplest and most effective way to destressify your life. This app offers comprehensive cross-training for stress relief, using scientifically proven techniques. DeStressify helps people with overwhelmed, busy lives achieves mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Download the app for Apple or Android devices. Learn more at

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